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  1. Official Worst Jokes Ever Thread

    Three hard-of-hearing old timers playing golf on a blustery day in March, out on a tee: First: “ Wow, it’s windy! ” Second: “ No, it’s not y’old coot; it’s Thursday.” Third: “ Boy, so am I! Let’s have a beer.”
  2. Its that time of year to pay the King's tax.

    It is actually worse than that. 1% of the 1.25.% increase in the sales tax increase was targeted for the MBTA. At some level transportation dollars are being diverted to building rail trails. It would be one thing if these rail trails were getting cyclists off the roads but most rail trail...
  3. Its that time of year to pay the King's tax.

    I see some posters that keep their exise taxes low by buying used and then running them into the ground. The assessed value for exise tax is 50% in the year before the model year, 90% in the model year, 60% in the 2nd year, 40% in the third year, 25% in the forth year and 10% in the fifth and...
  4. Voting

    Came up yesterday, A volunteer for a congressional candidate was outside a polling place collecting signatures. The warden called the city clerk and checked on the distance. The volunteer was told they had to be 150 feet from the door.
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    riding the clutch with the left foot and applying both the brake and accelerator with the right foot.
  6. Limu Emu and Doug

    You forgot about Progressive and State Farm.
  7. NH Dem Primary - Debacle ahead?

    If you live in a town/city with a college/university in it, you don't really want out of town students electing your city councilors, selectmen or mayor either.
  8. Anyone have advice on a CMP order question?

    Yes pretty sure you aren't in line for order placement until you have a customer number. IIRC they only assigned me a customer number after verifying documentation. They also process your documents in the order the they were recieved. The person you talk to at the CMP should be able to confirm...
  9. Anyone have advice on a CMP order question?

    Is this your first order? If so then they first have to verify your documentation such as club affiliation, veteran status, LTC. After that you will be assigned a customer number. Do you have a customer number yet? I think it goes faster once you have a customer number. At least that was the...
  10. Buying my first crossbow

    I'd probably try Pelletiers in Peterborough, NH.
  11. Scooter on The Autobahn

    Not all that surprising. The MC tire contact patch is probably less than two inches so it only has to move the water an inch in either direction to get it moved ouf from under the center of the tire. A typical auto tire is likely 6 or more inches wide so it has to move 3 times the water 3...
  12. Clubs with plate racks, or metal targets, or other shooting

    Why not visit other clubs when they are open to the public? Townsend Rod and Gun Club has Trap every Sunday at 9AM and Black Powder every third Sunday. Shirley Rod and Gun Club - will have Turkey Shoot the Sunday before Thanksgiving Leominster Sportsmens Association ranges are open to the public...
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