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  1. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I saw one do something similar only without the fire. Couldn’t lift the dumpster or put it down because of the hydraulic hose.
  2. GOAL Calls on Governor Baker to Publicly Condemn AG’s Remarks on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    He’ll say something just like he did when she came out with her crap edict about the “Assault Weapons”. Hold your breaths.
  3. Mossberg Shockwave

    I’ve shot the shockwave and found it to be way easier than I expected. And I’m not 6’-4” like Hickok.
  4. America Stress-Bought All the Baby Chickens

    There is an amazing thing in nature where animals keep producing new animals of the same breed.
  5. LG HDTV Picture issue. Help?

    Go buy yourself a new Trump tv with your Trump check.
  6. Stupid Shopper Thread

    I’ve seen way too many of the glove wearing, touching stuff and then themselves people to count. Ive seen an elderly lady keep pulling her mask away from her face. I saw a guy with his mask off to the side of his face on his cell phone And my favorite was another older lady with he mask on...
  7. New Windows

    They look good. I just replaced by kitchen and bathroom windows since I have nothing else to do. The bathroom window had to fit the existing inside trim because it’s tiled to the trim on two sides. There is only a reveal discrepancy on the trim that I’m the only one who will notice. I did...
  8. I'm going to urinate wherever I want and nobody can stop me

    Well you could get uromysitisis poisoning and die
  9. $1,850 to replace a water this a fair price?

    Come on everyone. Read this.
  10. A Case of Corona Pool

    How come they don’t list the number of recoveries?
  11. Who's Participating in the 2020 Census...?

    I assume they were looking for my nationality or whatever, up I put “American” in. I hope they like that.
  12. RI makes a deal to reopen gun ranges

    I wasn’t listening to to them anyways.
  13. Why can't anyone access the "handgun" listings on Mass Armslist?

    Is t this more of a question for administration from Armslist?
  14. Finding Sheds in New England

    My brother used to find them all the time while never looking for them. Me I’ve never seen any.
  15. Ever Get The Urge To Drive Like A Jerk ? Now's The Best Time To Do It.

    Ive done 110 in a 25 on my motorcycle. Now I’m less fearless. Fastest in a car is only 135 on the highway.
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