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  1. cartridge bore sighters

    They do work. To a certain extent. They usually get me on the target then you still need to dial in at the range.
  2. This borders on pure magic.. Simply Amazing......

    That is really good.
  3. Doc visit

    No isnt the right response. The correct response is " i dont see how this would be pertinent to my health" . A
  4. Smartgun guidelines

    Ya those hover boards do all the time. You may have been joking but it is a concern. My guns dont burst into flames. The beretta galaxy note 7 might[rofl]
  5. License question for MA

    Ya. You need the tag. Massfishhunt will let you print another or check your email
  6. Do you locktite your grip screws?

    I was afraid the blue would be too strong so i used a drop of pipe sealant. Wiped the excess and been good for years
  7. What case is this?

    Public range? If so i hope it was a gangbanger testing his ccw ammo.[rofl]
  8. Any love for the Bodyguard? Let's see some photos.

    I thought i was the only one that breaks it down and plays with the dogs. I agree the only use for the laser is for pets when cleaning.. [rofl]
  9. FU EBay!

    Ebay sucks
  10. LTC Options

    Time to stop by and talk in person
  11. My hi point carbine review

    It is as ugly as a glock!
  12. am i overstocking 22 guns?

    It is all what you like. I enjoy all guns and have many different types, but i have a shotgun fetish.
  13. My hi point carbine review

    Well i liked the 4595ts so much i decided to get the 9mm too. I just brought it home a couple days ago and will try it out this weekend. Very excited.
  14. A gun you're about to give up on?

    Did you polish the ramp?
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