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  1. For all the empty chamber guys

    Reviving an old thread for a story that I never heard/read. Story is from 2018, seems to point to a fatality during a bear attack as a result of Israeli carry and someone unfamiliar with firearms under stress. Someone butchering an animal in the wild where there are known predators should...
  2. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Hot mic recorded at a Fairfax County meeting. Doesn't seem like they have any intention of making Fairfax County a sanctuary city like the other 90% of the state. They might be disappointed later when they find out there are consequences for their decisions. Fairfax doesn't sound like a...
  3. NH State Rep Under Fire For Derogatory Comments About Gun Owners

    Makes the chances of the nation coming together as a cohesive unit to defeat another nation in a war very unlikely. Whoever the enemy might be.
  4. Our Embassy Attacked in Iraq

    Soleimani was an active military commander that was trying to destabilize the region for his/Iran's benefit. He deserved what happened to him. Curious about what type of Hellfire they used against him. The new AGM-114R9X looks like a weapon specifically suited for this strike. AGM-114R9X...
  5. The Gifford's new shirt

    A sheep in wolf's clothing...don't be fooled by the common sense. It is their opinion that more gun laws and less firearms will solve everything, and I will not follow. Common sense gun laws will eventually lead to total confiscation and the end of the freedom everyone thinks they have, plan...
  6. Shooting Simulators

    I have the I target pro. Have been happy with it so far. iTargetPro (Laser Firearm Training System) Shoot Your Gun in the House
  7. 90% of Doctors treat Potential ERPO/Red Flag Patients - 60% Would File ERPO

    Points toward the fact that you shouldn't volunteer anything extra that is not medically related. Same concept of don't talk to the police. A lot of people talk themselves into jail, the same with an ERPO. I had an incident that happened at work less than a month ago that could have gone...
  8. Burn a flag get 15 years in jail

    Guy steals a Lgbtq flag from a church in Iowa and burns it...gets 15 years for a hate crime. The irony here is you get nothing for burning the American flag. Iowa man who sets LGBTQ flag on fire gets over 15 years in prison Is this really our future? My guess this will be way reduced on...
  9. John Browning grandson passing

    John Browning designed weapons have been used in every US military action since and including the Spanish-American war. Our best military (and civilian maybe) weapon designer ever in my opinion.
  10. waiting for the assault hoe to make "the list"

    The next step is to start turning in your parents for owning firearms.
  11. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    There are enough counties that have declared 2nd amendment sanctuary that the Governor and his other gun grabbing buddies have to ratchet up the comments in an effort to bleed off some of the momentum. I think the pro second amendment crowd should collectively pledge not to pay their taxes...
  12. Erroneously Overvalued Home Creates $6M Budget Deficit For Utah County

    Seems like a hi-tech version of the dog ate my homework. Due diligence should have discovered the error.
  13. Posters on Your Bedroom or Dorm Wall

    It seems I must have been the weird one. I used to be a manager of a movie theater at one point while I was going to school. When the movie No Mercy came out we had an extra box of 50 movie posters. No Mercy I cut all of the "no mercy" part out and put them around a poster of an atomic...
  14. Shooting on London Bridge, England

    Here is a link of some of the video...my sides. Tuckbot Guilty of dupege, my ad blocker stopped me from seeing some of the other stuff. My sides still hurt though.
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