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  1. Any advice to a soon to be officer?

    Take the firefighters civil service test instead lol...but really I’m not joking, wish I would have.
  2. WTS Glock 42

    For sale is a Glock 42. With two magazines. Possibly 25 rounds fired through the firearm though Glock 42 Location: Leominster Selling Terms: FTF or FLT on your dime Price: $500 Or possible trade for a SW snubbie with exposed hammer [637, 360pd ect ect] Statement of Legal compliance: I...
  3. LE in New England

    NHSP has tons of specializations if not more than MSP. As for the civil circus exam you should be glad you saved yourself 100$. Buddy works for NHSP ended up stationed up in the White Mountains. Says there is plenty of overtime and details. NHSP is always hiring as well here's the link to their...
  4. Any tips for the civil exam?

    lol shit in your hand and pray for a 100% if your not a veteran
  5. Thin blue line car decal

    ya that would be it
  6. Thin blue line car decal

    don't run it with CJIS...
  7. Conceal carry and traffic stops

    As a LEO I could care less if your carrying legally, if you want to tell me your carrying thats cool, ill just tell you to keep it where its at while were talking, i'll probably start talking guns with you lol
  8. Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are

    its not a free vacation when your waiting to see if your going to be indicted by a grand jury or your going to be found liable in a civil suit thats for sure
  9. Thin blue line car decal

    if your a cop you shouldn't really need one, just run your plate once a month if you really want. And yes its illegal to have a MPA sticker if you have no affiliation to it, there's a member number on them that are registered to the person they were issued to.
  10. After Oral Boards...

    Yes, but the rest of the process is where a lot of people get dropped, happened to me, passed everything got a offer contingent upon passing a polygraph and background ...didn't get passed the polygraph...those things are a monster. But congrats ad good luck with the rest!
  11. Serious life choices need to be made.

    Its not a dying industry, as long as there are idiots in the world then there will be police. If money were not a issue every town would have 50 cops, but there is not enough money. I would not say "don't waste your time" It is possible, Vermont is always hiring, look up there. In MA the chances...
  12. Help with an English Project

    what do you need send me a message, I just started not even a year ago so I could give you a entry level input
  13. To all you current LEO's or future ones please don't be like these.....

    I agree Obie some good points are raised, but what does the benifites of the job have to do with this case of excessive force?
  14. To all you current LEO's or future ones please don't be like these.....

    Then go get a job as a cop you clown, sounds like your jeleous you don't get to retire after 25 years, or get to work every holiday and not see your kids open presents on Christmas, or that you don't get to show up to a car wreck with a 16 year olds face stuck to the windshield and them go to...
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