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  1. Texas homeowner fatally shoots teen who was part of group shooting paintball guns at home: police

    If a group of people surrounded my house, and started shooting bullets, paintballs, sim rounds, anything, etc...I'm not sure I would ponder their motive. The guy probably did the right thing. People have been attacked with less scary tactics.
  2. Case-XX Knife Thread.

    I have my grandfather's 62048 which has a boat-load of patina. I'll try to remember to take some pictures to share. It sits on the shelf because I see my pocket knife as a tool, and I do terrible things to my tools. Thought about picking up an identical new one to actually use though because...
  3. Hussey’s General Store

    If its only a few miles away, its worth the stop. I haven't been in a few years, but they have a gun counter, and some long guns, and wedding gowns... Get a T-shirt with their sign on it for hilarity where ever you wear it.
  4. Kahr CW380, First Impressions and Ammo Questions

    Thanks everyone for their replies so far. I have no plans on giving up after 50 rounds. From what I could see when the flat nosed bullets jammed, its a mixed result of the bullet shape getting caught on the top edge of the barrel opening, AND the orientation of the bullet as it leaves the mag...
  5. Kahr CW380, First Impressions and Ammo Questions

    This past weekend I bought a new Kahr CW380 to be carried in a pocket. First impression is that its a quality pocket pistol well worth the money over my other 2 choices in initial quality. I was also looking at an LCP and Bodyguard and after handling all 3, and working their different...
  6. NH FFL's and Paper Driver's Licenses

    When I moved to NH, I bought from a dealer with a paper license. He had no problem with it. The fact it was paper wasn't even mentioned.
  7. Lori Trahan - Mass 3rd District - Semi-auto government buyback

    Trump never slowed down of backed off to a central position after he got the nomination either. Shes probably going after the absurd amount of uninformed voters that show up on Tuesday. She is pretty honest with her position on stuff, and extremes stick. What is scary is the consequences her...
  8. Porcupines

    If you dont mind boot-to-quill combat, aim for the nose.
  9. Porcupines

    Damn quilpigs are everywhere in my area. Decimated my apple tree from top to bottom. And they aren't skiddish either. I'm not surprised they climbed up the tree next to your grandson.
  10. Channel 22 I-Team Report on Gun Loophole

    I know, but thats only an excuse. These shops need to be educated in some manor. These shops think they can educate through the media, pointing out how there are laws they follow, but it only does harm. And the damage won't only affect MA. Obviously there are states pushing for more and more...
  11. Channel 22 I-Team Report on Gun Loophole

    How about a letter from Goal, Comm2a or the NRA to MA shops saying don't talk to the media, mentioning a few recent instances where shops are basically outing themselves as aiding the enemy, whether it was intended OR NOT. It shouldn't have to be done at all, ever. But FFS it never helps...
  12. New Colt Cobra vs. ???

    If that's what I carry now, should I take offense? Its a bit heavy, but does shoot well.
  13. New Colt Cobra vs. ???

    I appreciate everyone's feedback. You all picked up on the fact I basically answered my own question. If I were to get a J-frame and add things like a trigger job, fiber optic sight, etc, to make it good, I'm in price territory of the Cobra (enough to justify the extra features out of the box)...
  14. New Colt Cobra vs. ???

    I'm in the market for a new small revolver. I've done some searching on here, I was initially looking at J-frames and similar. I liked the 642, 442, 637. I've shot the LCR and its a nice shooter, but I would like something with a little more metal. The gun will do some time in the truck, the...
  15. Shopper finds bullet lodged in avocado

    I have a friend that works in produce processing and distribution. They have seen stuff like that before. This one just made it through to the supermarket. Like it was said, probably someone doing some shooting on the farm.
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