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  1. Snowblower Megathread

    Go local no need to go to box stores. If you want it put together correctly go to your nearest ARIENS dealer.
  2. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    We are looking in that area now. I found the taxes in Ludlow, Granby, Palmer Belchertown high then double that for Wilbraham. For us Monson has less taxes and you get more house for less. My opinion.
  3. Portable pistol safe for automobile

    The MA law is ambiguous on this point. CH140 GL131c and 131L. I bet if you ask 10 LEO some will say mags need to be separate from gun and others may say the mag can be inserted to the weapon. My post is talking about storage while at work in a locked car not transport.
  4. Portable pistol safe for automobile

    Great thanks what I needed to know.
  5. Portable pistol safe for automobile

    Company policy they are just grappling on options at this point. Have a new car, no trunk so I have this new problem wanted to hear how others handle. If you have a trunk you really don't think much about it. I no longer bring my gun to work since I need to know how the law interprets storage of...
  6. Portable pistol safe for automobile

    Wow just trying to get some sage advice from one gun owner to another.
  7. Portable pistol safe for automobile

    Attended a class last week at work on armed assailant and I'm told if there is a breach to Run Hide Fight. So that got me thinking after what happened in Fl on Wednesday and this idiotic advice from our safety officer I should start carring going to work and since I can not bring my pistol...
  8. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    To all take advantage of the Federal Ammo rebate 25% on top of TSP low prices can't be beat.
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Yes take a photo with your IPHONE save it to your desk top then upload on their site. I expected to have another shipment go to Pullman Arms but it went to home once they have your LTC on record. Business back as before.
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Yes going forward you have to upload your LTC to there web site which is what they should have done originally.
  11. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    So I did the order to Pullman Arms nice folks but PIA to drive from Framingham when the are only open M - F till 5:00. On my next order I placed they shipped to my house again. So I have bought 3 cases taking advantage of the 25% off if you buy Federal ammo. Rebate good till Dec 31st.
  12. Carrying in NH One can only hope but this would solve your concerns
  13. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    $5.00 dollar fee not 45.00. Did not hold the key down long enough.
  14. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Same here. Ammo shipped to Pullman never been before since I live in Framingham. Nice lady took in some conversation 45.00 fee and spoke to the gunsmith forgot his name Kyle I think. Nice people just a ride for me but would do again.
  15. Snowblower Megathread

    Here is the link for that model fill in the info and they will respond in a few hours.
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