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  1. "No ID, no guns? I got a machete!"

    "Sporting Goods Store" He should try that shit in a real gun shop.
  2. Mass Pellet Gun Restrictions?

    Amazon also won't ship pocket knives, slingshots, or ball bearings that look like they might hurt. My understanding is, they say: "There's no way to verify a person's age when it's delivered" Obviously this is bull shit and the AG just asked nicely.
  3. NES was down!

  4. "Gun Control's" down-side

    I bet an NES group hug would f***ing stink!
  5. "Gun Control's" down-side

    I think you're missing the point. Why come to a site for people who own guns to preach less gun control? You're preaching to the choir. Maybe See if Everytown has an online forum?
  6. "Gun Control's" down-side

    Nice first post, but typically you're required to drive around without headlights until someone flashes you and then run them off the road. Then we'll tell you how to make ghost guns.
  7. Lexington MA LTC letter advice (or, better, experience)

    Just put, "I'm a transgender, homosexual and in this current climate I fear for my life. Neo-Nazis are everywhere"
  8. Friend tried to create NES account, got “rejected” message

    She wasn't using the State House's Wifi, right?
  9. Anti-Guns Bills Being Proposed This Week

    If they raise the age to purchase firearms 21, we should demand we raise the voting age to 21... There would never be a "D" elected, ever again.
  10. “All We Need You to Do is Give us the Gun”: U.K. Launches National Firearm Surrender Campaign

    It writes itself: You don't own any firearms. You surrendered your pointed knives. What else can do you to keep the people you love safe? Want to be be less of man, but not technically a woman? Have a panic attack every time you zip your skinny jeans? Click here to match up with a...
  11. Book worm thread?

    I read 2 - 3 books per day. Check out Good Night Moon.
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