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  1. Trump / Clinton "Presidential" Debate #3 (Oct. 19)

    The Unstumpable!
  2. The Walking Dead, Season 6

    I was really hoping carol gets her skull caved in.
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    "Shot, heard around the world."
  4. Trump / Clinton "Presidential" Debate #3 (Oct. 19)

    I was just thinking last night while watching Trump drop tactical nukes on killary, about how much suck the gop ticket would be if jeb was standing there instead of Trump, not even lyingted could of done what Trump did last night.
  5. Trump / Clinton "Presidential" Debate #3 (Oct. 19)

    wth is she doing?
  6. Trump / Clinton "Presidential" Debate #3 (Oct. 19)

    She is having issues.
  7. Slick willie's black son??

    I had a work friend from Arkansas tell me about this back in2007. He said everyone there knew about it.
  8. Fear the Walking Dead, season 2

    I agree, chris hardsuck trying debate why an something trivial happened every episode is almost as retarded as the 20 questions for the fans to figure out online. I blame the lesbian director, the one who refuses to have carol killed off for TWD's problems.
  9. War combat footage

  10. War combat footage

    People were joking yesterday about the ship's id HSV-2 Herpes simplex version 2 I'm kind of shocked how quiet the media has been about this, I figured that the media would go nuts about this.
  11. War combat footage

  12. War combat footage

    That guy talks more cogently then obama.
  13. SKS questions and possible answers

    Are there letters on the stock next the number? If so it's been arsenal refurbished from what I've read.
  14. War combat footage

    In black & white.
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