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  1. WTS BNIB P938 Legion 9mm $781.18

    Brand new in box P938 Legion. Cash price $781.18 + tax = $830.00 Plastic add 3%
  2. WTS Unfired CAI VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39mm

    Century Arms AK like VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39mm. Comes with 1 10rd magazine. Additional magazines available for $20 each $900
  3. WTS Unfired Waffen Werks VZ58 7.62x39mm Rifle

    Unfired rifle, AK like (but not an AK). Has AR style buffer tube with pinned stock. Comes with 1 10rd magazine. Additional magazines available for $20 each Also comes with stock with sling manual box cleaning kit scope mount D-Technik a.s made in Czech republic, imported by Waffen Werks of...
  4. WTS Multiple BNIB Sig Sauer 9mm P229 models for sale

    I have many Sig Sauer brand new in box P229 models available. Cash discounts of 3% available P229 Emperor Scorpion $920.94 + tax P229 Enhanced Elite $814.31 + tax P229 Legacy $824 + tax P229 Legion $1211.76 + tax
  5. WTS Multiple BNIB FN 509 models for sale

    Multiple FN 509 models in stock and available. Cash discount of 3% available FN 509 Tactical $920.94 + tax. Both FDE and Black FN 509 Mid size MRD (optics ready) $727.06 + tax FN 509 Compact MRD (optics ready) $727.06 + tax. FDE and Black available
  6. Wide selection of firearms available

    Currently closed per Baker shelter in place and removal of firearms retailers from the essential list. Cash OTD represents price + tax less 3% cash discount PM, text or email with any questions Randy 978 707 9357 [email protected]
  7. WTS BNIB Sig Sauer P229 Legacy 9mm $800

    Brand new Sig Sauer P229 Legacy 9mm. Sig Lite night sights, short reset trigger. box, 2 mags, paperwork. Cash price $800 + tax = $850 Plastic add 3%
  8. WTS BNIB FN PS90 5.7x28mm $1411.76

    Brand new FN PS90. Comes with 1 10rd magazine or 1 30rd magazine if you are LEO. Cash Price $1411.76 + tax = $1500 Plastic add 3%
  9. WTS Sig Sauer CO2 Rifles and supplies

    Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177 Pellet with 20mm Sig red dot Cash price $225 Sig Sauer MCX Black or FDE CO2 .177 Pellet with 20mm Sig red dot Cash price $250 Extra 30rd Magazines $25 2 pack 90gr CO2 $15 500 .177 Pellets $10 Also available Crosman DSBR DPMS Air Rifle Semi/Full Auto 4.5mm BB...
  10. WTS BNIB Mossberg MC-1 SC 9mm $301.18

    Brand new Mossberg MC-1 SC 9mm 2 mags, 7+1 capacity Cash price $301.18 + tax = $320 plastic add 3%
  11. WTS BNB FN Scar 20S 7.62x51mm NATO $4047.05

    Brand new Scar 20S. Cash price is $4047.06 + tax = $4300 Plastic add 3% CALIBER: 7.62x51mm OPERATION: Short-stroke gas piston MAG CAPACITY: 10 Rd. BARREL LENGTH: 20" OVERALL LENGTH: 40.6" - 42.5" WEIGHT: 11.2 lbs. PRIMARY FEATURES Extended monolithic receiver Short-stroke gas piston...
  12. WTS BNIB Walther PPK and PPK/S 380 ACP $800

    Unfortunately Walther raised their prices on 1/1/20 and I had to raise my price accordingly. Brand new Walther PPK and PPK/S 380ACP. Available in stainless and blued, PPK and PPK/S Current stock is PPK stainless. Always getting new ones in so if I don't have it in stock, just ask. Cash...
  13. WTS BNIB Sig Sauer P229 Classic Carry 9mm $705.88

    Brand new Sig Sauer P229 Classic Carry 9mm. DA/SA Nitron finish Alloy Frame G10 grips 3.9" barrel length Siglite Night Sights Short Reset Trigger 3 magazines (10rds, 13rds with LEO id) Cash price $705.88 + tax = $750 Plastic add 3% Great price on the P229
  14. WTS BNIB Springfield XD-S 3.3" 45ACP $400

    Brand new Springfield XD-S 3.3" 45ACP, Gray frame Cash price $400 + tax = $425 plastic add 3%
  15. WTS BNIB Springfield 1911 TRP Operator 10mm $1411.76

    Brand new Springfield 1911-A1 TRP 10mm 5" model cash price $1411.71 + tax = 1500 Plastic add 3%
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