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  1. Biden’s executive action

    I hope they go full speed forward, don’t kid yourselves they will only stop if they win or we stop them. Domination is the game they are playing
  2. WTS 2 antique revolvers $400

    My kids don’t want my family guns so here are 2 of my great grandfathers guns the top break is a forehand is 32 that was shooting up till about 7 years ago when the spring broke. It’s taught everyone in my family how to shoot since new including my kids, but a spring install and go shooting...
  3. WTS Ranger 103-8 22LR $150.00

    Up for sale is my grandfathers ranger 103-8. My kids don’t want it to my horror. So it’s gotta go, 2 heart attacks and I know I need to move it out before some shxtbag give my wife .20 cents on the dollar what my guns are worth if I die. Bore is mint, action is smooth and the trigger is great...
  4. WTS Canik TP9SFL 4 mags $500 SPF

    I’m selling a few guns in the next week or 2. My kids took the ones they wanted and I’m selling the rest (well except 3) here is a target gun with 2 10 rounders and 2 18 rounders. Comes with everything that came in the box. All the rules apply. I have 1 efa10 left or thru a ffl. Must have ltc
  5. Police shootout suspect sues town

    Not caring
  6. Police shootout suspect sues town

    Depending on the judge and attorney they may give him money to make the suite go away. It caring that it’s a slap in the face to the police that have to live with that moment etched in their minds the rest of their life’s. It’s sucks, I’m sorry that happens to the police
  7. Police shootout suspect sues town

    You guys wouldn’t believe how many times you can shoot someone with a 9 and have them survive. Haji we’re wrapping their torsos with silk wrappings and 9 wouldn’t pen more than a inch. So it dependinds on the clothing. I carry a 45 for a reason. If in a defensive shooting I need them to stop quick
  8. Developing a good FFL relationships

    I’m fat and I have man boobs, ya think it helps?
  9. Developing a good FFL relationships

    I’m sorry but I’m going to ask a weird question, I see a revolver on gunbroker that I want. It’s a pre 1908 top break. Is it transferable to mass? I’m looking for a mass ffl that would transfer it. And yes I’m a class a Ltc carrier,, it’s the clone of my great grand fathers revolver I have, but...
  10. Biden gun control fearmongering Megathread

    get ready veterans to give your last full measure. We gave a oath to GOD not a president or elected managers. I’m a old sick guy and I’m amazed that the government is here to serve all of us. Not just a few. I pray to our father all day everyday that it doesn’t turn into a real fight
  11. Any Norinco AK experience?

    Don’t worry what the gun looks like. It’s about functioning in a manner that you want. It’s just a tool, and you should make it work for the situation that you think you’ll be using it in. Who cares if it isn’t going to be worth anything later on. Will a few hundred bucks in value be worth your...
  12. Tell me about .41 Magnum.

    Had matching blackhawks. Ammo was super expensive for plinkers. Ended up selling both guns due to the cost of shooting.
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