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  1. Home acid etch and stonewash

    Before and after Steps on the way
  2. How Much $$$ for Your EDC? Poll

    Just got a whippersnapper, the quality from Olamic is the best I’ve ever handled!
  3. How Much $$$ for Your EDC? Poll

    It is one of those things that once you hold or use something in that 500$ and up range the fit and finish is remarkably better than what you get from 100-300$ pricepoints. I was the same way until I handled a hinderer(can group into the high end production knives into that category: CRK...
  4. Your New Knife!

  5. Your New Knife!

    Olamic whippersnapper Bronzed hardware and back spacer, titanium scales with bronze inlay, 20cv wharncliffe blade with a light wash
  6. Your New Knife!

  7. Your New Knife!

    I had a black pvd coated blade with stonewashed titanium scales and black hardware at one point . It did look really good with the contrast!
  8. Your New Knife!

    Makes it even more unique that way!
  9. Your New Knife!

    It has started a patina already... came with a little stone wash look to it when I first opened it.
  10. Your New Knife!

    Benchmade bugout, s35vn pvd coated blade, copper scales.
  11. Your New Knife!

    kizer sheepdog full size
  12. Your New Knife!

    Quiet carry waypoint with vanax blade , pvd coated titanium scales.
  13. Your New Knife!

    Medford custom praetorian slim S35vn hollow ground blade, blue anodized and flamed Titianium scales , flamed hardware.
  14. Your New Knife!

    That blacked out shaman and the ZT are my two go to knives for work!
  15. Your New Knife!

    Jesse jarosz custom flare with the acid wash Aeb-L blade
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