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  1. Show me your watches. :)

  2. TV moments that were/are perfect

    Series finale of cheers. The last 10 minutes or so.
  3. Show me your watches. :)

    It only gets worse.....
  4. Show me your watches. :)

    That’s the only way to do it! If it doesn’t make you happy than why bother!
  5. Show me your watches. :)

    That’s my “get any watch funds no object” watch lol. Beautiful piece!
  6. Show me your watches. :)

    Dan Henry 1970 compression diver
  7. Looking at tactical/diver watches...

    Second for deep blue. Master 300 and the nato diver are better movements than the Seiko, almost a clone of it but with upgraded glass, movement etc. also 40% off with code “deep” from their site.
  8. Getting a german shepard

    1 year old malinois, 10 year old red golden and an 8 month old yellow golden. It’s quite the crew!
  9. Getting a german shepard

    This x100. Just picture what ever time you wake up for work, now set the alarm an hour earlier. Now your out with the dog in 12 degree weather to burn off energy and peep and poop. Come in feed him and go to work. Now you get home from your exhausting day and your pup who has been sleeping all...
  10. Show me your watches. :)

    B Dial!
  11. Show me your watches. :)

    Long Island watch and the urban gentry have some good content as well
  12. Show me your watches. :)

  13. Show me your watches. :)

    Yessssss! It really should have a 500$ price point for all that especially with that movement Their nato diver has been getting a lot of wrist time as well.
  14. Show me your watches. :)

    Rocking the tsar on nato today
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