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  1. Secret Clubs?

    If you have not figured it out yet, go to the club. You need a sponsor. I am not a member anymore, moved out of state. They shoot Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Monday and Thursday nights depending on how many show up. I heard they capped membership again so find...
  2. Mansfield (MA) F&G Protective Assn

    MF&G is a decent club, been to others as guests and belonged to another one before too. Stopped when moved out of state. In general though, whether it is an indoor range or any other change regardless of the club, is a combination of money, paid help, donated help, planning, and scheduling...
  3. First Over Under Shotgun?

    I have an older though not that old 26" Red Label. Need to read more on the new and look at one. I can tell you I have used less expensive and more expensive ones in trap. Some in trap use trap models that have 30" barrels or longer, they shoot slightly more pellets above than below the line...
  4. Rhino Liner?

    I had it done to my own personal trucks, four in a row. My brother had it done to two. It helps in many ways if you do not like slip. It makes it harder to push things in from the tailgate. I used the Taunton dealer each time. I added a soft tonneau cover to my truck this summer so I...
  5. Students Questions slow Reponse to Gunman in Gun Free Zone

    Aside from his being young, nobody but law enforcement can open carry within 1000 feet of a school zone. Applies up to high school. Can do it on a college, but not a government college (separate statute). In a vehicle, you can see it can be in a case and unloaded. This is 1000 feet from...
  6. Permits needed for 48 of 50 states

    Add WI though you have to open carry. WI allows open carry for residents and anyone else, as long as there is no reason not to legally own a handgun. There are pockets of locations where there are some issues and it should get straightened out in 2011 as the state substantially voted right...
  7. Dick's Sporting Goods

    Maybe tell them on the form you have 10 or 15 young children at home, help sway the stats?
  8. Consider LinkedIn

    Friday, and everyone else. Here is my Email address being used for LinkedIn. [email protected] I am using comcast address for LinkedIn and job related Emails. Friday, you can send an invitation to me on LinkedIn. I have not moved a thread before. I mentioned I was not sure if...
  9. Consider LinkedIn

    Thanks Matt for the NES group on LinkedIn. Thanks for the reminder too. Dana
  10. Consider LinkedIn

    Sometimes the reverse happens too. You can have a connection and not know background on them and then find out they are in NES or some other organization you are in. Dana
  11. Consider LinkedIn

    Good job. Let's see how welll this thread reaches folks on LinkedIn. I'm told networking is the most likely way to find a new job. Also LinkedIn I've found reallly speeds up finding old contacts and meeting new people that you would not necessarily be good at finding them. Like many...
  12. Consider LinkedIn

    Thanks again for the connections to date. I am also an NES member. Dana
  13. Consider LinkedIn

    I just connected with two good folks. I left out I am in two sportman's clubs, Mansfield Fish & Game Protective Association and am on some committees there. Some of you may have seen me at some shoots held there with NES shooters. I am in Somerset Sportsman's Club in Swansea, and on the...
  14. Consider LinkedIn

    OK, found it, was discreet description. Thanks. Dana
  15. Consider LinkedIn

    Navy Moose, thanks, I joined the LinkedIn group for GOAL and a few others. I typed different ways and didn't find it. I will look again. Dana
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