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  1. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    The new Storm Water (rain) Tax will help.
  2. EPA Wants to Crackdown on Off-Road Performance Parts

    Phase 1: Start buying up early 70's non-emissions vehicles Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit
  3. EPA Wants to Crackdown on Off-Road Performance Parts

    deleted - misunderstood Rat's post. Low hanging fruit - Brought to you by the same folks that killed the 2-stroke.
  4. Anyone make large prints from digital photos

    I'd suggest a couple small(er) test prints to gauge color accuracy regardless of where you go. Some shops will default to 'enhance' your print (unless you specify otherwise) - this may or may not produce the desired results. Another consideration is the repeatability of their process so...
  5. Advice Request: Elderly Parents

    I'll echo what some others have mentioned about finding trusted friends/family members to help - for pay of course. Home nursing is fairly pricey. Some commercially/insurance hired home-help can be fairly dodgy as well. A family member of mine just had to make that decision - in home care, or...
  6. Electrical, Plumbing and Trench Questions for the NES Tradesmen

    another ancillary comment: You mention 'treat is as irrigation line' but don't mention if you're using irrigation line. Careful if irrigation line is your plan. I just witnessed an irrigation type waterline extension fail after about 20 years. Burried plenty deep but, 60k+ gallons suddenly...
  7. Mass vehicle sales tax

    Jack knows his stuff! :) When the MA RMV registers a homemade trailer, they issue you a VIN whether or not your rig already has a stamped VIN (re-purposed tongue in my case). There is no requirement (and I asked) to stamp your homemade trailer with your issued VIN. Do your own math on the rest. :)
  8. Happy New Year 2020

    Best wishes to the best folks on the best forum for the best new year!
  9. NES beginnings

    GaryO's join date makes him an official old timer. NES old timer, that is. :) is Sir Jack
  10. Share Epic Threads (From other Forums)

    stumbled across this years ago - not into sport bikes but, am into the "shed of doom"
  11. school me: residential indoor/outdoor security

    :) Engage all the senses. That 12 Ga perimeter alarm is awesome! Fill that shell with rotten Porcupine.
  12. Who Whistles...?

    I used to whistle. Funny you ask because I don't know why I stopped. Office environment maybe.... When I turned wrenches, we used to swap up stations. Every day it was the next guys choice. I flipped the tunes on one day, and asked the older mechanic what station he wanted. He said it didn't...
  13. school me: residential indoor/outdoor security

    I'm starting to like the way you think! :)
  14. school me: residential indoor/outdoor security

    hahaha - sadly, you're mostly right....alright fine! Bring your (someone else's) dump and start rammin. -nobody will notice that. You can have all you can haul. A new front door WOULD be nice. - Have a wack at the back too! Always wanted a slider back there. Right side please. Don't f-up the...
  15. school me: residential indoor/outdoor security

    You'd need a CDL for the dump truck needed....and some armed friends cuz all the neighbors are. :) Bring one of these if you want a fighting chance.
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