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  1. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    That's why I'm not expecting to put in more than $500 to start. Figure I'd let it ride and see where it takes me.
  2. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Am I too late to jump in the Bitcoin surge? I'm thinking probably. Is coinbase a legit app?
  3. gaming computer under a $1000?

    Your cellphone.
  4. gaming computer under a $1000?

    16 Gb of ram really should be the minimum moving forward, imo.
  5. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

    Hopefully he has an up year...
  6. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    Yeah, 30-06 doesn’t sound fun either, but likely not what they’d be using for home defense. Or maybe it is...
  7. gaming computer under a $1000?

    I’m terrible at budgeting for others so I won’t say anymore than take the trip to MicroCenter. They’ve been good and helpful to me when I’ve gone into the actual “computer” part of the store. The general sales floor guys weren’t/aren’t that helpful in my anecdotal experience. I’ve already blown...
  8. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    Don’t go raiding any deer hunters house and you should be fine.
  9. Body armor/Tactical plate carrier

    You don’t want rifle mags under your arms like that. Move them to the front, or get a belt to put rifle pouches on. From the little I’ve worn mine I can already tell once you start moving around with it, anything you’d want immediately, you can only really grab from the front quickly. Leave less...
  10. New (weird) computer trend!

    Yeah I’m not playing Cold War lol I’ll stick with MW
  11. New (weird) computer trend!

    That’s why I’ve always waited for the s version of a new number. Let other people beta test and bitch.
  12. New (weird) computer trend!

    Last I checked, CoD:MW was taking up 190Gb. Unbelievable how much of a pig that game is. Ran out of space in my new Laptop so I put in a 2Tb SSD. I also have a 4TB HDD external because I was cheap for all my photos and videos.
  13. a WTF moment: small gun stores that screw you

    I guess?
  14. a WTF moment: small gun stores that screw you

    10mm is the closest to 40 I’ll shoot. -Grump ass millennial.
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