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  1. Decent cheap wifi cameras?

    I have a couple of blink cameras up north. They are working good. The batteries are close to dead after 6 months though. Not a big deal for me to head up and change.
  2. Random Sunset

    Florida in December
  3. Calling All NES Auto Body Experts

    I was in the same situation with a recently replaced bumper. The body shop said the aftermarket parts and the repair were guaranteed. He spoke to the insurance company and they authorized an OEM replacement. Mine was getting surface rust.
  4. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

  5. new to Smartphones".....what GPS app to install ?

    I really like Waze. There have been times when I questioned its alternate route because of traffic but it always seems to work out.
  6. Dog food brands that can cause heart failure...

    Naming just the brand isn't really accurate or fair to the brand. Lots of these brands have a wide range of foods including grain free and with grain. There is also a wide range of protein sources. I feed mine Fromm but it's one that contains grain which seems to be the biggest factor. It also...
  7. My 84 Westfalia.

    I had a 68 camper and a 74 bus pimped out with homemade bed etc.
  8. Car battery charger

    I've had one of these for a few years. It does a good job charging a wide range of batteries View:
  9. Oil question for new engine

    Mobil 1 from Walmart here also
  10. New Windows

    You should be able to get whatever you need. They sell replacement parts going pretty far back
  11. New Windows

    I like Andersens, stay away from Pella!
  12. Playboy Playmate Tied Up And Robbed In Her Hollywood Home

    Are playboy playmates still a thing?
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