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  1. I felt totally naked today...

    Man!! you felt like you were the only white guy in a 2 mile radius!![rofl]Wait until you learn not everyone on the forum is white or italian.
  2. NES membership karma.

  3. Miami Man In Van Guns Down AK-47 Wielding Robber Because He Didn’t Want ‘To Go Out Like A Punk’

    Convict him? Charges? The police are trying to help him get a new home.
  4. Behr paint WOW!

    I am not a painter bit I own a few rentals. I have read reviews about the Behr paint peeling. Thought it was hogwash until I noticed with my long term tenants the paint started peeling. Then i put it in my house and here it is 4 years a whole section has to be redone. Used Sherwin Williams in my...
  5. WTS New Gas Furnance

    Bump with lower price
  6. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  7. WTS New Gas Furnance

    I was doing a remodel on a property and was going to switch the property over to gas. After purchasing a Goodman gas furnance in the beginning of the process the decision was to go a different route. As a result I have a brand new Goodman Gas furnance available. 120BTU. I am in Worcester...
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