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  1. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    huh? from Mass.gov: Therefore, a person may use reasonable force when that is necessary to help another person, if it reasonably appears that the person being aided is in a situation where the law would allow him to act in self-defense himself. If there is any evidence in this case that the...
  2. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    It was my understanding you could intervene if someone else was reasonably likely to suffer grievous bodily harm and/or death (and was legally entitled to be where they were).
  3. What happens when bulk ammo catches fire?

    It's sad that when I saw 5k this was my first thought as well. She sure left her mark on this forum. If nothing else, we now all "think twice."
  4. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGNd0cVb4M4 Reminds me of this video from ESIV: Oblivion where the guard helps the guy then he accidentally punches the cop's foot and gets arrested, lol.
  5. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    There's a few things to consider. - Cops aren't legally required to help you out if you are in the same situation (!) - Expect to get sued by the person you shoot and/or their family - In the scenario above you have no idea of the circumstances. The cop could have the wrong guy for all we...
  6. What is this rifle from the original Magnum PI

    Yeah, after I posted this I thought "hmm, I think it was a Star Model B." Good call.
  7. What is this rifle from the original Magnum PI

    I believe in scenes where he actually fired he used a 9x19 1911 since 45 blanks are crappy. In scenes where he didn't fire, they swapped for a 45.
  8. How many men own pink guns?

    For those of you in MA--you have no excuse. All of these fine options are "on the list:" Don't let anyone tell you Maura won't let you exercise 2A without style.
  9. How many men own pink guns?

    The group buy we need, not the group buy we deserve....
  10. The 10 Most Overrated Cartridges

    I don't see how 9x19 is overrated. Is it the best pistol cartridge of all time? Maybe not. But it's not overrated.
  11. "Old Tech" or "New Tech"? Buying a new gun. Poll

    Because he specifically mentioned considering a CZ75 Compact, but said it was too heavy. The PCR basically a lighter CZ75 Compact. It was a relevant comparison. Where did he suggest a semi-auto shotgun??
  12. "Old Tech" or "New Tech"? Buying a new gun. Poll

    That's part of the reason why I don't usually give carry recommendations, unless I belabor the point that what I recommend works for me. I think "rent a bunch of guns you're interested in" is the proper advice, because plenty of guns I like others don't, and plenty of guns people love I loathe...
  13. "Old Tech" or "New Tech"? Buying a new gun. Poll

    Fair enough. I'm a proponent of carrying in only one "method." I would much prefer no safety so DA/SA and/or striker-fired is really the only way I'll ever carry. For me personally cocked and locked is asking for trouble, but plenty of people obviously do it without issue. When I've carried my...
  14. "Old Tech" or "New Tech"? Buying a new gun. Poll

    What about the CZ PCR? It's like a CZ75 compact but lighter.
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