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  1. WTS Beretta 92x

  2. Karma: (Winner is PJ150) Take a friend shooting | 500 rounds of .22

    In I'll take my daughters and wife with these. The wife just took the basic firearms class today and now it's application time and then the waiting period...
  3. WTB .45 ACP die set

    Looking to buy a .45 ACP die set for reloading. Please let me know what your have. I also have some small pistol primers that I might put up for trade. PM here
  4. WTS Beretta 92x

  5. WTS Beretta 92x

    Merrimack valley area I have LNIB Beretta 92x that comes with everything it would brand new. This includes 3-10 round magazines, cable lock/keys, smaller grips for easier concealment, and paperwork. I will throw in a 50 rd box of 9mm brass range ammo. $850 Must have LTC A present at transfer...
  6. MA compliant sig sauer p227?

    I know what you mean, I'm heading out of the plastic phase myself, hopefully I can find something...
  7. WTB Sig Sauer P227

    Looking for Sig Sauer P227 with a rail for a light. Send me pics and what you got please. Thanks, Brad
  8. MA compliant sig sauer p227?

    There was one on gunbroker that I wanted, that would have to go thru a dealer. I know about the private sale. I should of said that in my post. Does anyone have one on here that are willing to sell?
  9. MA compliant sig sauer p227?

    Thank you! Unfortunately it is not on there. Thanks for the info.
  10. MA compliant sig sauer p227?

    Does anyone know if a sig sauer p227 is MA compliant?
  11. WTS Homemade Beef Jerky

  12. WTS Homemade Beef Jerky

    Just sold my first 10 bags to @dgrantdoherty Thanks again for your order
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