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  1. Rust (Steam)

    It's a tough game to play solo. I had played it a little bit, but I have a potato for a graphics card. I was getting 24 FPS on the high side. Waiting for cyberpunk to upgrade my graphics card.
  2. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

    Hard block, go time, cord wood
  3. Four way flashers on while it's snowing...WTF???

    i'm very tempted to turn this into a thread about snow tires... i see this all the time on 495 and 290. drives me crazy
  4. Trufuel

    I do the same thing. I go to my local airport and get 100LL aviation fuel. Why don't you use it in your mowers? I priced out trufuel and it came out to like $20/gallon. the airport at $5/gallon is a bargain. I throw some Startron stabilizer in there and keep about 30 gallons on hand. stuff...
  5. Massachusetts to Ban Newport Cigarettes

    I love that shit
  6. Big pumpkins near Boston

    I was at BJs this weekend. They had some massive pumpkins for $5
  7. CC compromised

    What bank is this?
  8. Collings Foundation B17 crash at BDL

    This ruined my day. We saw this plane a few weeks ago at Worcester. Sad to see us lose won, even worse that there were crew and customers aboard.
  9. Wiper blades

    I've found that wipers are about half the cost at Rock Auto compared to Walmart. So if you have some time and aren't in a pinch, I'd suggest buying your blades there. The same is true for oil filters. I've been using Bosch icon and they work ok. I typically replace every year (used to put 25K+...
  10. Just had a couple of minute's view of the Space Station flying by.

    I took the kids out in the driveway to watch. First time I have seen it. Pretty incredible.
  11. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Does the whole room get bounced? Or just the rabble-rousers?
  12. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Hahahaha, silly peasant. Of course not. And they get to cut to the front of the line if they just pop in late.
  13. Hunt and hike in the Whites....what guns?

    Sorry, I wasn't too clear with my previous statement. I was talking about concealed carry on an ATV in NH. I thought I had read somewhere here, that concealed on an ATV still required a permit. I could be completely wrong, I don't ATV, so I'm not up in the laws. Sweet setup btw. That may be...
  14. Hunt and hike in the Whites....what guns?

    I thought there was still some ATV law?
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