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  1. Holster suggestions for pistol classes

    Not all paddle holsters suck. I have a Vedder ProDraw Paddle for my Sig P365. I wear it when I'm going to the range, because it's very secure under the inner belt I wear, and is easy to remove when I put on my competition belt to practice. And, regarding your second point, I don't ever...
  2. Holster suggestions for pistol classes

    Holsters for taking classes are similar to those used in competitions. I've been running a Blade-Tech holster for over 15 years and it will easily go another 15 years. Comp-Tac also makes a good holster, I've got a few of those too. I think you are better off with kydex over any other...
  3. WTS WTS In MA, Like new, Glock 24 Long Slide, $900

    Black Friday bump with price drop to $900.
  4. WTS WTS In MA, Like new, sub-compact, Glock 27, $500.

    Black Friday bump with price drop to $500.
  5. Sig P322

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Armory Craft adjustable trigger on their P322. I put another 100 or so rounds through mine and they are running great. Then I saw this trigger and now I “need” one. If they have a Black Friday sale, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting one to try. Mostly...
  6. Sig P322 Range Report #2

    Absolutely, lots of accuracy testing. But, you have to understand that accuracy testing to me means being able to hit a 6 inch plate at 30 ft. I dialed in the red dot, and iron sights for steel shooting and then just shot away. If my barrels start leading, I won’t notice it until I can’t hit a 6...
  7. Sig P322 Range Report #2

    Certainly not yet, but truth be told, I don’t plan to clean them until they stop running so it could be a very long time before I ever check for leading.
  8. Best .22LR for pistol on predator

    I would think that if you had a Semi-automatic it would be whichever round is the most reliable. Everything else is secondary.
  9. Sig P322 Range Report #2

    Sorry to hear about your issues. I didn’t have the patience to wait and ended up getting a pair of them a couple of weeks ago. I mounted a Holosun HS407k on one of them. And sighted both in relatively easily. Then on Monday I put a whole box of 2017 vintage Federal 525 round bulk ammo through...
  10. Where do you buy bullets?

    I've used and had very good luck with: For coated bullets, I like: If you are trying to simulate your carry ammo, you should first, chrono the ammo in your firearm to...
  11. WTS WTS In MA, Like new, sub-compact, Glock 27, $500.

    Bump, with price drop to $550.
  12. Armour Sports

    Hoping to do business with you soon.
  13. Do GunBroker sellers bid up prices?

    I never thought of actually bidding on something at GB. I don’t have the patience for that. If the item doesn’t have a “buy now” button I move on to another seller that does. I may have to give this “bidding” thing a try.
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