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  1. If anyone needs another proof that we are losing AND failing - this is one of Parkland 'survivors'

    Isn’t there something in that document she should cherish?
  2. Catastrophic failure of sewer main on Nantucket Island

    Dat’s some shit, Jack.
  3. Kickok45 fans.....

    Spoof name “Hiccup45” comes to mind.
  4. Another 'lone wolf' terrorist strikes in PA

    Hey, them old timey Amish can whittle up a mean gat.
  5. Let's play, what gun am i

    Death Star.
  6. Poor white people...

    It was actually a lighthearted comment. But I guess I missed my mark.
  7. Poor white people...

    If that helps you sleep.
  8. Poor white people...

    You just got lucky.
  9. Poor white people...

    WTF? You"re doing it again.
  10. Poor white people...

    What's going to fill the void when the dumocratic party goes tits-up?
  11. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Its like whoever placed those, had a vision.
  12. Show me your watches. :)

    So you're saying my indiglo will thank me?;)
  13. Fireplace Suggestions

    Can be done. PITA.
  14. Fireplace Suggestions

    You have my number dude. What I could tell you in ten mins, would take me an hour to type.
  15. Show me your watches. :)

    Just what do these mystical orbiters do?
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