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  1. Driving from MA to PA with Guns

    While I am from PA I lived in your "People's Socialist Democrat Republic of Mass" for 20+ years before our recent escape to the freedom of WV. That's "West 'By Gawd" Virginia"! I drove that trip with weapons MANY times and I84 is the best route and skips NJ unless you wander off I84 at the...
  2. Pocket carry and spare ammo

    Thank God for cargo shorts/pants. Colt Cobra or DS in one side and twp speed loaders in the other - perfect balance.[grin]
  3. Massachusetts fireworks fans blast Bay State ban

    This was our first Independance Day here is WV ans I was amazed at what goes here. Walmart sells them in the store and there is a kiosk in the Mall. I saw a tempotary fireworks sales tent set up in a church parking lot and doing BIG sales while services where held inside Sunday morning. The...
  4. Top Armed States

    West "By Gawd!" Virginia - #6. Another reason I like it here so much.[wink]
  5. Nick's Montana gun shops picture thread

    It is a culture shock to go from the Sheeple's Democrat Socialist Republic to free State and see what citizens are able to buy as opposed to what the subjects of Mass are allowed. The 20+ years I was there were tempered by my regular trips home to PA where I sometimes aquired new items. Moving...
  6. Can anyone recommend some .380 ammo?

    Corbon 80gr DPX. it uses a Barnes bullet w/ low flash powder and give 1050fps out the muzzle. My little Beretta loves them. I used it on a woodchuck once. Nasty.
  7. Manning Predicts Revolution And He's Pissed!

    Wow, The man certainly has no issues with stating his distaste for the President.

    Another example of why I give my money to JPFO and not the NRE. Old Wayne has made himself rich enough off our backs.
  9. Sportsman's Guide

    I'll admit that SG is not always the best on prices and some surplus mags I bought were barely functional but sales issues are largely the result of MASS laws and extortion and legal intimidation by Mass political Hacks. I have friends & family in several states that have zero problems buying...
  10. glenn beck

    The heavey reliance on Faith is common in recovering drug and alcohol abusers. That does wear a bit thin but I'll give him the benefit in light of his history. Beck does his research and while he may reach a bit, his facts are straight. If you don't like him, find the channel button.
  11. ruger p345

    +1. it's only weakness. I love mine and it runs flawlessly. But I failed to warn a friend who was checking it out before he pulled the trigger on an empty chamber and no magazine. Fail to fire started soon after and a trip to Ruger - warranty repair, 15 day turn around, thank you. I have...
  12. Daily show on open carry

    WV is open carry - no permit required, sidearms only, no shotguns. You'll see it in Sheets and Walmart everyday. No one needs to call the SWAT Team or Trauma Councilors or the kids....
  13. First .40 Semi - Which one?

    I fired both the new XDm and an HK USP on Friday and had a short time with the PX4 on Saturday. That's the most range time I've had since I moved down here. The USP did not fit me as naturally as the Beretta or the XD. Also, The mag release was not as easily reached as on the other two...
  14. First .40 Semi - Which one?

    A local shop has a range and will let me test the XDm 3.8 so I'm going over Friday to give it a test drive. I will get to try the Beretta PX4 again on Saturday and it looks like they are the two finalists. I handled an HK USP and didn't fall in love. A friend from another forum is an armorer...
  15. First .40 Semi - Which one?

    I have trouble justifying the money for the Sig. A local shop has a used HK USP that I looked at and it's a contender, I'd like to try one and another shop has a range with rentals so I might test fire one this weekend. I have another chance to fire the Storm PX4 this weekend also.
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