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  1. WTB Heritage Roughrider

    I mistakenly bought the 22 WMR cylinder for my Heritage Roughrider before remembering I had a Ruger Wrangler instead. Whoops. Anyone have a Heritage Roughrider they'd like to sell? Must take WMR cylinders. Not sure if they all do.
  2. What's a good caliber for bear?

    A bear charging at you is going to look something like this. A headshot is more or less the only shot you have. They have very big heads and it's what your eyes are going to be staring at anyway. So it's probably what you always want to be shooting at.
  3. What's a good caliber for bear?

    The point is not to kill the bear. It's to kill the bear before it kills you. A bear is not going to notice that it's bleeding to death from an arrow until it's done eating half of you.
  4. What's a good caliber for bear?

    If you mean a handgun, usually 44 Magnum is considered minimum for killing bears with body shots. 454 Casull is considered better. But if you aren't going to carry these hand cannons, get yourself a Glock 20 (10mm). If you get charged by a bear, you really want to shoot through the skull and it...
  5. Any squirrel hunters out there?

    You have to read the book “How to Become a Master Squirrel Hunter”. Just kidding. That is the worst book I have ever read on any subject. I only keep it around for comedic value and to show it off to other people.
  6. Preban Glock 20 mags

    Looking for a preban mag for my Gen 3 Glock 20 SF. 10mm.
  7. House Bill for 1,000% Tax on Assault Weapons to Be Filibuster-Proof: Beyer

    A scary looking weapon that practically murders you all by itself just from you looking at it. Black!
  8. House Bill for 1,000% Tax on Assault Weapons to Be Filibuster-Proof: Beyer

    But wait but there are other differences between these states. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. And, look European countries don’t have these problems. LOL.
  9. House Bill for 1,000% Tax on Assault Weapons to Be Filibuster-Proof: Beyer

    I love it when people tell me Mass is safer because you can’t buy assault weapons and then I direct them to GunParlor in Worcester where they have preban AK clones and UZIs for sale.
  10. What *could* pass?

    I doubt anything will pass. I’d like to start completely over on UBC. There is a way to do it that most gun owners would actually prefer. Taking it out of the government’s hands. Ensure it is not linked to a registry etc. But that’s also unlikely to happen. Government very rarely ditches...
  11. What *could* pass?

    Yeah. I think the gun community needs to put together what we think might help matters. Then the Democrats can reject it and we can say that they don’t care about kids dying. Would be nice for a change. Of course I don’t think we have any good ideas either. There isn’t a whole lot the...
  12. What *could* pass?

    I know about this because I founded a startup which tried to do a similar thing that allowed insurance companies to pay for rides home for drunk people do they wouldn’t drive. That was before Uber. They would agree to paying for the ride without actually knowing who they gave a free ride to. It...
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