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  1. The Powderhorn, Hyannis, MA

    Powderhorn high prices Just like many previous reviewers, I can attest to the atrociously high prices at Powderhorn. I decided to purchase a S&W M&P 15-22 and had offers from 2 other Massachusetts firearms dealers to sell this model @ $400. I called Powderhorn, since they are local, and their...
  2. What If?

    This is a really excellent thread. Some good thoughts to ponder. There are MANY advantages/disadvantages to each and every scenario that has been floated here so far. But I think that that main point should be, each of us has to have our own customized "Cover Your Ass (CYA)" methodology...
  3. Sellier & Bellot ammo

    Bought a couple boxes of Sellier & Bellot ammo (9mm) at Four Seasons last week. It was pretty reasonably priced. First time I've ever encountered this brand, and haven't fired any yet. Anybody have any experience with this brand?
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