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  1. Galton Flintlock Musket info request

  2. Galton Flintlock Musket info request

    Please delete
  3. WTS WTS Pre Healy Lefty AR

  4. Putting your dog down via gunshot (justice for Bruno)

    I worked as a Vet Tech for a humane society as a young man. I've euthanized thousands of unwanted pets, using a chemical sold as "Fatal Plus". I believe it was Sodium Phenobarbital. I've seen enough instances where it didn't work "correctly". I shoot my pets when they are old and sick. I don't...
  5. Air rifle regs

  6. My girl started a new online store.....and I can buy a gun with your help.

    I hope this is allowed here, but my girl just started a new online store. She promised that I could buy myself a new 1911 if I can help her increase web traffic. She gave me a discount code to offer to NES folks. It's i81mp9 just enter it at checkout. Her store page is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR NES.
  7. Armed Police Officer Hunted by Fellow Cops in Massachusetts

    Double standard??? Give me a break. What double standard? Are you upset because the media wouldn't tell you his name before they notified his family? Tough shit. We extend the same courtesy to everyone.
  8. Armed Police Officer Hunted by Fellow Cops in Massachusetts

    Excellent point. I came here in hopes of finding folks with a passion for shooting, collecting, and owning firearms. I at one time felt that this site was a great place to share my Pro 2A views. After spending some time getting to know the people on this site, I now feel that a LARGE percentage...
  9. 4:30 AM... WTF!?!

    This is exactly what i do. I don't even hear crickets with my bad ear.
  10. Police Pay can exceed $250K - Boston Police story in the Globe

    You have just been nominated for my Douche bag of the year award! Congrats!
  11. Police Pay can exceed $250K - Boston Police story in the Globe

    He's not trying to make sense. He's simply lashing out at the Police just like 90% of the posters here. Like it or not, WE all CHOSE our professions. Don't piss and moan because you make less money sitting in your cubicle, and collecting your salary than a man or woman who puts his life on the...
  12. Police Pay can exceed $250K - Boston Police story in the Globe

    If it's such a cake job, and cops are overpaid, then why aren't all of you quitting your cubicle jobs and flocking to the Police Academy?? $250K for a such an easy job?? You should be lining up at the the next civil service test! Quit whining and man up.
  13. Browning Hi Power/poll

    I have a Nazi High Power. I aquired it from a deceased friend. I do not carry it, but I shoot it once in a while. It would make a fine CCW gun.
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