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  1. Riverside IDPA competitors -- Hints for Sept. IDPA Match

    wow that's rediculous. I have been there and no way is handgun ammo going to ricochet that far. I shoot steels alot, and yes you get hit by fragments bouncing back often. BUt they don't even leave a mark when from only 20-30 feet away. Like you said, eye & ear. If you can't take a shot from an...
  2. Ar-15/Mil Carbine Competion at American Firearms Aug 28th

    Bummer I had the multi gun match in Harvard, I was actually thinking of swingin by on my way home but I dodn't get on the road from Harvard till almost 4 so I was beat. That sounds great though. I wich I could have made it.
  3. Match Trigger Trouble

    Hey Derek, Ideally I would too but I need it for a match this weekend, so no time for the RIGHT thing,
  4. Match Trigger Trouble

    Hi Folks, I bought a Bushmaster 2 stage trigger off a buddy that had never actually put it in anything. I brought it to my local shop to install & adjust because I really didn't have the time to mess with it. (Not my regular gunsmith). Anyway it came back terrible, with no 1st stage, and I...
  5. Who else is shooting the 3 Gun in Harvard this Sunday?

    Wondering if anyone else is planning on going this Sunday? The one they had in April was about the most fun I ever had shooting a match, and that was with sideways monsoon rain. Also; who uses shot for the poppers as opposed to slugs, and what weight do you choose & why?
  6. A post just to get Ross going....

    That match was a good time and the stages were unusual & made you think. I had alot of fun. I can't wait for the low light session, I can use some help on that.
  7. Beretta 92FS accuracy

    My 92 Vertec is a tack driver. Derek shoots it alot better than I do but I also got a test target with a 4" 50 yard group on it. An 8 in group at 50 yards sounds like shitty ammo, bad trigger pull or maybe a barrel with 5000 + rds? I get a group the size of a trash can lid at 50 yards but...
  8. What revolver to purchase?

    I have a 686, and I thought the trigger was smoothe & clean from the factory. BUt I had Dave Santurri do a trigger job on it and wow it's awesome. I shoot it so much beter double action now than before. The single action is a 2.5 lb break that's really crisp. He is a great gunsmith and he's in...
  9. New to site, new to IDPA, quick question.

    I have blue eyes so they weren't nearly dark enough even after a braek in of a couple weeks. They have a whole bunch of tints, I'd have a hard time picking one out. But after I read up on them I guess a green or smoke would be what I would choose. The gasket in the SL-3 is magnetic & just slides...
  10. 40 vs 45 or 9mm

    Hi Hiram I could swear I saw mags for sale for that at CDNN
  11. New to site, new to IDPA, quick question.

    Hi Fellas, I had my eye doctor make the lenses, so I know they are ballistic polys. I didn't get them done from wiley. I just ordered those with regular LA lenses, but I needed the RX so I had them done. They were about 200 for the lenses, and he had a hard time due to the deep curve, but they...
  12. New to site, new to IDPA, quick question.

    I have wiley's and I had polycarbonate ballistic lenses made by the RX. They are great specs
  13. IDPA shoot at Riverside Gun Club writeup

    I'll bring the BUG.....sounds cool!
  14. Ar-15/Mil Carbine Competion at American Firearms Aug 28th

    Hey I never even heard of Scituate Mass, I wondered because it's a police range and I wondered how you guys got to do a cowboy shoot!
  15. Ar-15/Mil Carbine Competion at American Firearms Aug 28th

    Hey C-pher is that the Scituaute RI range? Looks like it I shoot there toofor NRA Police Pistol Comps
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