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  1. Our Son

    You can’t “quit” formally as an enlisted man... but let’s not forget there were plenty of people who quit before they got there in the 60s. Bone spurs. Asthma. Surprise Canadians, You name it, the beautiful people had it. I went back for a friends graduation. Our 30 minute march to the chow...
  2. Our Son

    They would destroy the platoon for the actions of a recruit — but were pretty strict about keeping the monopoly on punishment. We were warned that if X recruit had a bruise on his body the next day we would be destroyed like we never had been before. When one kid jumped a kid that got us all...
  3. Our Son

    I remember distinctly I was getting quarterdecked when one of the kids quit. He pretended he couldn’t breathe or had asthma or something, it was obviously bullshit. He just stopped and quit. I asked him what the hell he expected. He just continued to feign that he “has asthma and can’t breathe.”...
  4. Our Son

    There is no formal DOR process like they have for OCS or other selections. But yea, people downright refused to train. Trust me, any force is better off if they let the quitters quit.
  5. Iwo Jima anniversary today

    New England’s own reserve battalion, now based out of Devens (1/25) landed on Iwo (and served in Desert Storm, Fallujah, and Helmand)
  6. Cowboy 57 (1959) James Stewart short on B-52 Crew

    If you haven't ready Masters of the Air, I'd recommend it. There is a whole section of the book on hollywood going to war. Can you imagine A-list actors and directors signing up to fight in 2021?
  7. Our Son

    Long live penny pincher. I think mileage varies on the experience quitters have. Generally speaking it’s an admin sep and the only really negative thing that might follow someone around is a discharge code that makes it hard or impossible to re-enter service.
  8. Grab and go - 10 round pmag storage options

    Are preban 30 rounds really all that hard to come by now?
  9. Our Son

    Its simultaneously the most fun I've ever had and most stressed I have ever been. I think good "advice" for every young person joining the military is understand it's not perfect, understand there is almost infinite opportunity, and understand sometimes you will just have to swallow the bullshit.
  10. Our Son

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the army with higher attrition rates through training than the USMC. Parris Island wasn't "hard" if you were in decent physical shape. Most people's motivation was also pretty straight forward -- they bought the marketing, hook, line, and sinker. I'm in the army...
  11. Our Son

    I think we lost about 20 people over the course of our cycle, but to be honest some of them were dropped back to another cycle for reasons outside there control, and I'm sure went on to graduate. This was Parris Island, 2008. We started 94 and graduated about 74 of the original platoon. I think...
  12. UPDATE!!! Post 72: Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol - PERMIT OBTAINED!!!

    I'd agree if she supported such legislation in the first place. But by your own logic, f*** you for carrying a gun in Massachusetts where the average American can't get an unrestricted non-res LTC.
  13. FMJ Steel Case vs brass

    Before the ammo price craziness, the cost savings per theoretical wear would almost equal out the cost of the entire firearms, let alone a component.
  14. Rare Breed Triggers: The next version of binary type triggers

    Pfff. Good luck to them. If we're being honest this turns a semi-auto gun into a machinegun.
  15. ARFCOM is down, booted from GoDaddy

    I guess I'm late to the party, I didn't know the Biden campaign owned that.
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