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  1. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    Not sure why you put "roster" and "LCI" in close proximity to one another. There are no requirements relative to the LCI to get on the roster. The LCI requirement comes from 940CMR16 which are consumer safety regulations promulgated by the AGs office. They require that a gun either have a...
  2. New Nevada Law Banning "unfinished" Firearms is in Effect

    A little worse than CA. In CA you go to the DOJ (of CA) and get a serial number assigned to your build and you have to engrave it. So you don't need a FFL, but you also don't pick your serial number, the state does. All from Bloombergs playbook.
  3. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    Since I don't know how many guns I own, I am not sure how my wife could know; not that she would care if we figured out what the number was. Someone we all know on the forum here did not know how many safes he owned and tripped across one he had forgotten about for years. I am not quite that...
  4. classifieds

    With few exceptions I don't ship. I advertise here and Armslist to get people into the shop. Shipping defeats that purpose. The only exception is some of the truly unique stuff I am willing to ship.
  5. Not Legal For Sale in CT

    I got in a Walther PDP FS 4in Optic Ready Carry today with 10rd mags. It has a huge yellow sticker on the side of the box that says "Not Legal For Sale in CT". I am used to seeing that sticker for CA and MA, but this is the first time I have seen one for CT. I was not aware of restrictions on...
  6. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    I was saying that in CA you can get a glock, but only a Gen3, not a Gen4 or Gen5 because of how their rules work. Not commenting on MA crap. As we know the AG hates all glocks.
  7. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    I wonder if they considered including as a Plaintiff some gun shop that HAD been fined/shut down for violation of ch 140 sec 123 cl 18-21 and 940CMR16. 940CMR16 is enforced by the AG and she is a defendant. 140 123 is enforced by the licensing authority which is the local chief of police and...
  8. Need a new trigger for your AR

    as useful as a binary trigger or a bump stock. A solution in search of a problem (or creating a problem)
  9. Guide To Gun Rights in your MA Town - 2020 + Edition

    To start it off. This is a couple years old but I know for certain nothing has changed. Same chief. Same admin doing the processing, etc. Harvard. Bright Green. State application. No extra requirements. Unrestricted license given. They are damn fast (< 40 days when my son applied)...
  10. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    If you want to know why it is closed… https://projects.thetrace.org/inspections/report/oleg-762030-2013-0389-B1B/
  11. Mossberg mc1sc

    Single stack gun in a double stack world. p365, hellcat, shield plus, 43x are all 10rd guns just as small. MC1sc is 6 or 7 rounds. Mossberg mistimed the market and entered with a subcompact single stack just as everyone was coming out with the pseudo double/single stacks that gate you 10...
  12. LEO take on FTF AK sale

    Because MSP officers know Chap 140 sec 121-131Y and chap 269 sec 10 so very well... I had a MSP officer who is on the firearms task force in the shop the other day and he knew the laws better than most cops I know, but I was still explaining nuance to him around a number of things. They just...
  13. SCOTUS rules 9-0 on police/privacy and the 4A... in a gun case. Constitution actually applied!

    Dupe https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/supreme-court-rules-warrantless-home-gun-confiscation-is-unconstitutional-in-9-0-vote.412644/
  14. Just bought a house in NH

    Lol. All that is actually required is Government issued picture ID to prove you are who you say you are Government document proving residency (tax bill, utility bill from govt entity, etc) The rest of your list is pure FUDDery and should cause you to RUN away from whoever is asking for it
  15. Just bought a house in NH

    This phrase does not mean anything relative to purchasing guns. For tax purposes you might be a MA resident. For voting you might be a MA resident. For the purchase of guns all that matters is the ATF definition of residency. "ATF has previously addressed the eligibility of individuals to...
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