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  1. Pandemic legalities of employer

    What your employer is doing is being done by a LOT of other employers. Not commenting on legality but during the pandemic almost anything seems to be ok in the name of "safety". The new normal is to completely invade your privacy, control you and your life, and limit your options. And people...
  2. WTS New Glock 19 Gen 3 complete slide and Glock 17 Gen 3

    Got some more and a g17 gen3. Bump
  3. gaming computer under a $1000?

    Build your own. Make trade offs that make sense for your use case. Don’t buy prebuilt, that is paying for someone else’s priorities. Logical Increments PC Buying Guide The best site I know for component choice at different spending levels. “Great” for $1003.
  4. "MA compliant" S&W Shield?

    Or buy the one you want without a 10lb trigger, assuming you can find any in the current environment. Non dealers talking about compliance makes my head hurt. Compliance is a dealer problem not yours.
  5. Not Again

    DUPE complaint. I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere...
  6. Full auto Glock w/happy stick, for real?

    This is correct. When dealing with machine guns you have to determine which part is the “machine gun”. For an AR conversion using standard M16 parts it is not the M16 parts (both sears, trigger, safety, hammer) that you can just buy anywhere but the lower receiver once you drill the third...
  7. a WTF moment: small gun stores that screw you

    This is an official out yourself thread, right? Everyone who says "price gouging" has self selected as a communist price control advocate and is asking for a one way ticket to Venezuela? Serious, WTF? Feel free to be clueless, but doing it in public makes you stupid and clueless. There is no...
  8. Reliable UPS power supply

    I use APC and have a dozen of them. Batteries have to be replaced roughly every 5 years. All my computers, TVs, stereos, etc are plugged into them.
  9. Carry in vehicle (only in center console or on person) ?

    And to muddy the waters with what the law says vs what everyone thinks it says (and you will get arrested and charged and even possibly convicted based on what they think it says), MGL 140 131C: loaded handgun under your direct control. It is silent on unloaded handgun. As written it is legal...
  10. Date a left winger?

    She just wanted a chick sandwich
  11. Date a left winger?

    My wife of 31+ years is a lifelong Democrat. She has serious TDS, lost her mind during Bush 2, etc. She shoots. Both our sons shoot. Her current obsession besides orange man bad is that men who are transgender are NOT women and can’t be in women’s sports. She was a college athlete so is...
  12. Thoughts on the Bond Arms Derringer

    And barrel swaps for different calibers and/or barrel length are a simple Allen screw away. The barrels come with the Allen wrench. They make lots of calibers sort of like the Thompson contender. I’ve sold a lot these. They aren’t practical so much as a novelty. You either find them cool or you...
  13. Tavor shotgun

    There are two avenues here to consider, both of which would be violations of MGL 140 131M Does it have a Large Capacity Feeding Device (15 rds or 3x5 rds) Is it an Assault Weapon Most people seem to focus on question #1. I don't think this is a zero risk proposition to say it is 3x5. Yes...
  14. Tavor shotgun

    If you are in MA, make sure you have an FFL lined up who will touch it. It requires some seriously magical thinking to decide that it is not both a high capacity weapon and an assault weapon. If you are not in MA, then carry on and good luck!
  15. Help identifying age of pistol

    S&W customer service will give you a month/year of manufacture if you call them and provide the serial number.
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