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  1. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    Good grief! We're talking about a gun bill, not dental issues or LSD. [offtopic]
  2. Tax Free Weekend

    Sorry, NH is $20 in gas away. Any potential savings would be negated, unless I was spending some bigger bucks. Might do some tires at home though.
  3. Tax Free Weekend

    TMI. I didn't even know they taxed that.
  4. Tax Free Weekend

    Haven't seen anything on here about tax free weekend. Guessing "The Mill" might be a little busy. Thoughts? Specials?
  5. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

  6. Upcoming Gun lot at Douglas Auctions Friday

    How do these things work? Interested.
  7. Do I have an HVAC issue or an electrical issue ?

    OP, did you get this fixed? What was the final diagnosis?
  8. Mass Pellet Gun Restrictions? I grew up with John. We played his Atari together. I shot BB guns with him in his back field when we were kids.
  9. AR in x39?

    Would like to see more pictures of @djbradles setup, and others.
  10. AR in x39?

    It wouldn't let me put them all in one post (more than 10000 characters?), so here's the rest: Centerfire cartridges metric measurement 5.45×39mm[1] – intermediate 5.56×45mm NATO – Original M16A1 cartridge: Can also safely fire .223 Remington, intermediate[1] FN 5.7×28mm – PDW 6mm Mongoose...
  11. AR in x39?

    From Wikipedia. So, are they ALL wrong? AR-15 cartridges Rimfire cartridges .17 HMR[1] .22 Mach 2 .17 Winchester Super Magnum[1] .22 Long Rifle[2] .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire[1] Centerfire cartridges imperial measurement .17 Mach IV .17 Remington Fireball .17 Remington[1] .17-223[3] .20...
  12. Special class banned from carry at New York State Fair when off duty

    What will it take for them to see the light, and come to our side? Or is it too late?
  13. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    Don't even say that. Heck, they could just raid their houses and "find something". When will the populace stand up and fight all this?
  14. Upcoming Gun lot at Douglas Auctions Friday

    Ha ha. Was thinking this was a boat motor!
  15. A Look Back at Massachusetts’ Legislative Session: Sportsmen’s Issues in the Spotlight
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