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  1. Playing the Contrarian in a Time of Panic

    I told DH if there was anything in the collection he didn't want or like this was a great time to sell it since people are desperate. Maybe I can get big bucks for my SIG Mosquito. [rofl]
  2. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I would like to see some kind of study on infection rates. Infected by contact with known or people who turned out to be infected Vs. no idea. maybe from a surface. It seems like most cases you hear about there was direct contact in some way. Right now the general idea is that anything is...
  3. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Does anyone else love it that the main US guy we saw all over the news stating masks don't work now has his own mask making video? Karma......
  4. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    This is the kind of crazy stuff that sounds like a police state. No one has any facts. No body has anything to do except tie up resources ratting other people out who probably aren't doing anything. It's only going to get worse. Police should start issuing fines for false reports.
  5. Entering Maine

    If you read the whole article it sounds like they don't want tourists or people bugging out to Maine. They closed hotels/ B&B's etc. the deter" visitors". If you have a family situation or own your own place I don't think there is anything they can do about it and you are not necessarily who...
  6. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    If I lived in a city or an area with a lot of cases I would probably hole up and live off of the preps. But my town is in the 1-4 case range and has been for a while. Surrounding towns are also 1-4 or 0. I go to the store when there are less people. If I drive by and there is a crowd I pass...
  7. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Also used for chicken parasites. I have a giant container of that stuff because you can't buy a small one.
  8. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Even if 50% go home and pick their nose and rub their eyes with their unwashed hands they will be mostly containing their own possibly contaminated droplets while in the store. That was my only point. Now that more individual precautions are being taken less people are allowed in the store...
  9. Confirmed Food Life - Personal Experience In Long Term Storage

    Used some Heinz jar gravy from 2012. It was a little separated but smelled the same and heated up OK. DH likes it and didn't die so GTG on the other jars.
  10. Prep of The Day Thread

    Got a couple more rain barrels today. Not quite what I expected as the tops are not removable like the others so they will take a little more work to get ready. They were advertised as cleaned out but probably not that great on the inside.
  11. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    You can't trust any PTB to get things done or even make sense. Looking at the "everyone wear a mask" suggestion as an example, When few to no people were wearing masks you could just go the store and get your stuff. If you were smart you tried to pick a slow time to go. Now that nearly...
  12. Preppers, what did you forget?

    Always listen to the collective wisdom on NES. When things even look like they are going sideways I check here first!:cool:
  13. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I read an article yesterday that had a little more detail. They want the money so the Nov. elections can be done by mail. WCPGW They announce you should make your own mask. Then close the stores that have supplies. I wonder if Walmart can keep their craft section open. Elastic to make your...
  14. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    The only reason that works there is what she says at the 2:15 mark and is exactly what I was thinking. SD simply does not have the population density of NYC and the people are much more resilient and probably responsible.
  15. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Smart upstate NY med facilities should be losing some ventilators in boating accidents. Yeah, All the Med people dealing with this really help sort through the BS.
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