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  1. FS FT high end DMR/Analogue VHF Moble

    Hytera MD782G with GPS and programmng cable. Near new, used for development testing only, nothing nasty. Box, manual, radio, mic' programming cable. Look it up on Hytera's site/ Value at least $450.00. This ii a commercial dual mode radio DMR and Analogue. freq range is 136-174 Mhz. Sell for...
  2. Antenna Madness

    Hello to all, After 50+ years playing Radio I have come to believe that the simple "Doublet" fed with ladder line and combined with a GOOD!! tuner is the best all around choice I have two here both 140' per sode and fed woth 300 ohm or more parallel line. his is fed to a 4:1 or 6:1 balun then...
  3. Antenna Madness

    Hi Guys,
  4. Advice needed

    All good radios. I used to work at HRO and I rate stuff by what I used to see returned. Also have been on the Land Mobile side. Buy what fits your needs and no more. If you need or anticipate need for 440 then provide for it. I personally think 440 is a waste of time in most areas. Ease of...
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