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  1. Help needed finding video of gun bunnies

    This thread just keeps getting better. Best quote from the midget stripper shooting the 50 BMG: *BANG* Guy: How's that make you feel? Midget Stripper: Moister than an oyster!!!
  2. Help needed finding video of gun bunnies

    You magnificent bastard. Now I can show my buddy that, yeah, there are "those kind of girls" that are into guns. Y'all are great. Thanks for favoring me.
  3. Help needed finding video of gun bunnies

    This is a strange one, even for me, but it's to settle an argument. I'm looking for a video that's making the rounds on the internet. It features scantily clad gals dancing around in their underwear while holding a pistol magazine. They then put the magazine in front of the camera, and when...
  4. LG HDTV Picture issue. Help?

    I sold HDTVs for a decade. That, my friend, is most likely a video card problem, i.e. hardware issue. It'll need replacing.
  5. Taran Butler in hot water?

    For those of you who think this is awesome or sexy, see attached the statement of the young woman in the video. Looks like Taran is getting added to the "Get Dragged During the Boog" list.
  6. Pistol Rack Karma

    In! Woo!!!
  7. Karma: 2x MAGPUL BAD (Battery Assist Device)

    Guys, Very solid stuff so far. Tickly Jeff would be QUITE pleased with the attention.
  8. Karma: 2x MAGPUL BAD (Battery Assist Device)

    I decided to take these off of my ARs. They work fine. I'll mail them to the winner on my dime. Post your favorite "Epstein didn't kill himself" meme or story and whichever I enjoy the most will be the winning post. Open until people stop posting.
  9. LTC renewals in Arlington under new CoP? Can you still get unrestricted?

    No problem recieving renewed w/o restrictions.
  10. Looks like my next purchase is a .50 bmg.

    Define "assault-style" features.
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