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  1. Comm2A is looking for Boston 1st time applicants

    As some of you know, Comm2A, GOAL and SAF are suing Boston for the absurd delays in their LTC processing. We are in need of plaintiffs who are looking to get their licenses there and who are being delayed in both submitting and having their application processed. Please contact [email protected]
  2. Looking for info on Danvers, Stougton, Weymouth, Lynnfield and Malden

    OK, made the change. See if that fixes the messages issue.
  3. Looking for info on Danvers, Stougton, Weymouth, Lynnfield and Malden

    I don't see the issue. I have messages in there. Not sure why it's an issue for some here. People can always hit up [email protected] and @Comm2A on social media.
  4. Looking for info on Danvers, Stougton, Weymouth, Lynnfield and Malden

    Hrmmm... OK, Let me see if I can fi that.
  5. Looking for info on Danvers, Stougton, Weymouth, Lynnfield and Malden

    As some of you know we (Comm2A), GOAL and SAF have an active lawsuit against some towns on licensing delays. As part of that, we want to know how the situation is, at this very moment, in the above 5 towns with regards licensing delays. Can anyone with knowledge post here or PM this account. All...
  6. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    Not that one.
  7. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    A few of you may have heard but Steve Foley (SwatGig on NES and one of Comm2A's goto lawyers) passed away Monday morning from complications due to COVID-19. Steve came to the law late in life. He worked in IT for the first half of his career and eventually decided to go to law school. He...
  8. Comm2A wins in MA state court against the FLRB

    Comm2A is pleased to announce that we have won a case in Suffolk Superior Court on the issue of FLRB failing to grant proper hearings for rights restoration. The FLRB was denying outright all requests for restoration on the basis that federal law prevented recipients of the restoration from...
  9. Neill Tassel got my 2A Rights RESTORED!! First gun purchase coming soon. Recs!?

    In this case the OP was an ideal plaintiff. In reality, he was probably too good a plaintiff. It would have been nice if the Commonwealth had put up a fight as they're containing to do in the case of Dr. Morin. The basic idea of this challenge was to set aside the OP's conviction based upon...
  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Comm2A

    All of us at Comm2A would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that this holiday season will allow you the opportunity to relax and celebrate with those you love and care for. 2020 and Beyond 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, but out of...
  11. Anyone an Infectious Disease expert here?

    Seriously. No twitter experts. Must have a DO/MD/PhD and bonafide credentials in infectious disease. PM this account.
  12. Comm2A needs some volunteers for a fire mission

    Correct. We didn't need this info bad enough to actually put anyone at risk. While leaving your house is a risk in the best of days (so is not leaving your house, let's face it risk is everywhere), the idea here is we don't want to have anyone who is in the risk groups help out on this.
  13. Comm2A needs some volunteers for a fire mission

    We now have full coverage for what we need. I will post here what this was all about in a few days. Also, to those who reached out and didn't hear back yet, you will today sometime. If anyone cancels we may still need help so I am holding off finalizing everything yet.
  14. Comm2A needs some volunteers for a fire mission

    OK, I am just getting to the emails that came in since 1AM. I will get back to everyone. But for now, I am just looking for Western MA people.
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