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  1. Dart master 3 scoreboard??

    My dart team is trying to find a dart master 3 electronic scoreboard so we can have it when we travel however they haven't been made in a few years. Anyone have one they want to let go or know someone that has one? Or is anyone skilled enough to build one?
  2. I need 1911 grip bushings ASAP! Today or tomorrow please help!

    It's a Springfield armory 1911 by the way
  3. I need 1911 grip bushings ASAP! Today or tomorrow please help!

    I need some 1911 grip bushings my jackass father tried replacing grips and ended up destroying the threads on the bushing thank god it wasn't in the gun frame he used a vice to hold one end and unscrew it. So I'm looking to buy at least 3 off someone right now today or tomorrow only Saturday or...
  4. Anyone know how to airbrush?

    Looking to get my softball teams logo and some words airbrushed onto a catchers mask. The sponsor bought everything so they want the helmet painted with the logo and bar name. I'm trying to get this done ASAP I have cash but price needs to be reasonable. If anyone knows anything please pass...
  5. Who on here offered me a benchmade model 42?

    I got a message a while back about a benchmade model 42 and I ended up deleting the message and I'm not sure who sent me the message but if you remember or have one for sale send me a PM again sorry!
  6. Vp9 magazines

    I've looked quickly but everyone seems to be sold out anyone have a line on where to get vp9 mags? Also is it the same mag for their other 9mm the p30 or something like that?
  7. Any good cerakote places local?

    Looking to get a pistol frame in OD green anyone have any experience with it pros cons and any local places hat do a good job on it?
  8. Aero precision ambi lower safety selector help

    Guys I just bought a aero precision stripped ambi lower but what safety selector would work there its not a complete 90 degree I assume a 45degree would work but I want both levers equal length any suggestions or help is much appreciated.
  9. Reloading which brand or mod to look for?

    Looking into reloading starting with handgun calibers 45acp, 10mm the usual but which reloading set should I be getting which one is better built and just plain better. I don't know how to do it yet so I'm just asking brands and models I should be keeping an eye out for
  10. Cop camera video of the cop shooting an "aggressive" dog. Judge for yourself...

    If someone shot my dog like this POS I'd want his head and I don't care who they are. He should be in jail and not getting paid time off...what a joke....

    Just bought the book Beyond the Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters and can't wait to start reading it. The book is awesome

    B.A. is Badass haha I'm sure you knew that

    With the release of Fury I was wondering what you guys would say is the best or favorite war/conflict movie out from Fury to The longest Day. Doesn't have to be a real war or whatever just don't say Battle of L.A. that movie was terrible. Any WWII movie sucks me right in! Explain why you love...
  14. "Fury" WWII Movie

    What did Shia say everytime he shot the cannon?
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