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  1. Getting my Garand from Alabama to MA

    Put rifle in locked case, put locked case in trunk, drive north. Don't stop overnight in New York or New Jersey. You'll be ok driving through them and stopping for gas or food though.
  2. Coastie killed by smugglers

    Resquiat in pacem, Chief.
  3. Rapist seeking visitation with child he fathered after attack on teen victim

    This. Without evidence of "force," (vaginal bruising, choke marks on her throat, wounds on him from her fighting back), rape by an acquaintance is incredibly difficult to prove, and many rapists go free as a result. "He raped me!" "She's lying! She consented" and the case dies. Sex with a minor...
  4. Rapist seeking visitation with child he fathered after attack on teen victim

    There's whole spectrum between those two. Most rapists don't "stalk" their victims. They know them already, either as an acquaintance, family member, or sometimes they're already in a relationship with them. This girl was raped by her sister's boyfriend. Whether "forcibly" or not, it's...
  5. Mass Prisoner Perks...Sign Me Up

    I'd rather they learn yoga or tai chi or some other calming, meditative exercise over straigt-up pumping iron. Might make them less likely to reoffend or shank someone who cut in line at chow.
  6. Glock problem

    Could be that her thumb is naturally resting on the slide release? I have that problem when shooting Sigs because the slide release is where the safety - and therefore my thumb - is on a 1911. Alternatively, is it an older pistol? I eventually wore down the mag release on my M&P (apparently...
  7. French Suspect - anyone shocked by the facts?

    He shot three French paratroopers+ and a Jewish school. When it turned out that all three paras were of arabic descent (Algerian or Moroccan), it looked like he hated Muslims and Jews equally, thus likely a neo-Nazi. Now that we know for sure he was a jihadi, it's more likely he shot the paras...
  8. Visit the USS CONSTITUTION, give up your rights

    USS Constitution looks like she is about to get underway. Tugs and security boats are swarming around her. If anyone's in the harbor area, keep your eyes peeled. Even under tow, she's a sight.
  9. Mandatory Formal Business Attire Day???

    I've generally tried to dress "nice" and don't mind wearing a suit occaisionally. Might be my inner James Bond acting up. If you carry at work, remember that a suit jacket makes a great cover garment. Maybe on "formal monday," carry something nice if you've got it (1911, blued S&W or Colt, etc).
  10. recent programs on the Civil War, on the History channel

    Always found it curious when people scream that the war was about "state's rights" and go all mumbly-awkward when asked to clarify exactly which right the states were asserting. The WAR was about state's rights (could a state leave the union at will?), but SECESSION was purely about slavery...
  11. "Migrants"

    The Coast Guard has been using "migrant" for years. Migrant implies a transit status, whereas immigrant is someone who has come in. Immigrant: someone who has come into your country. Emigrant: someone who has left your country. Migrant: someone in transit. These guys were caught in transit.
  12. US, In Need Of More Immigrants, Gives Away 50,000 Citizenships via Lottery.

    Before you get pissed off at a visa lottery, bear in mind that this is the LEGAL immigration process. People who want a better life than the one in their home countries. Don't forget legal immigration built the country.
  13. SEAL`s Angry

    Did any official statement ever SAY that the photo of the situation room showed them watching a live feed? The caption only says that they "receive an update" on the raid. We can't see what they're seeing. Could be (and probably is) a map, or a slide showing the intended plan of attack. They...
  14. SEAL`s Angry

    He was a top-ten most wanted for blowing up embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. This isn't new knowledge. 9/11 and his subsequent declaration of a war against the US shifted him from a wanted criminal to an enemy commander, albeit not one who wore a uniform or swore allegiance to a specific state...
  15. Pepper Spray Discharge at Brighton School

    Hospitalized for OC? Water and a cool breeze... I don't remember coughing. It felt like bobbing for french fries, with more snot than I'd produced in my life, and I couldn't open my eyes, but no coughing. Sounds more like a CS canister or something like that.
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