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  1. Liability Insurance for Gun Owners - help needed with argument against
  2. Naturalization paperwork question re: weapon sales

    I went through that a couple of years ago. I put down gun sales on FA-10 and there were no problems.
  3. Looking for a NH based gunsmith

    Karl Sokol I think is in Vermont but may be within range.
  4. Does anyone have a Glock 42 with a grip extension that I can try for fit?

    I am looking for someone with a Glock 42 with a finger extension on the mag (from Pearce Grip or something similar), to try holding to see if it will fit my hand. I don't need to shoot it, just hold it. If you would be willing to let me do this, at a place and time of your choosing, please send...
  5. Is there a website with " Good Guy with Gun" stories (or anyone send me some?)

    Guns and Self Defense | Cato Institute
  6. SneakyPete Holsters opinions wanted

    To me even the P32 model felt and looked uncomfortably large, much bigger than a cell phone carrier. The M&Pc version must be a whale.

    "Bring Forth the Guillotine" by Silver Bullet.
  8. News Sources (that aren't full retard) Reason is a libertarian magazine, 24-7 is their newsfeed.
  9. State Capitol Demonstration Megathread with Pics

    Parking: Ming's supermarket has a large free parking lot, about 15 minutes walk from the State House. It's near the Boston Herald building, through Chinatown and past Tufts Medical Center.
  10. MA: SEVEN ROUND MAG BAN! This is not a joke.

    Preparing for the worst ... What will the effective date be if this passes? The date it is signed? Or is there a grace period? On the other hand, if I can only load 7 rounds into my 10 round mags, perhaps rushing to buy them is a waste of time.
  11. State Capitol Demonstration Megathread with Pics

    I'll be taking my daughter for a walk on the Common at that time.
  12. Acme Armament Moving Giveaway

  13. holsters for lasermax micro

    Raven Concealment can probably make you one - I think you will need to send them the laser for molding. 16-18 week wait time, though...
  14. moving to Cambridge

    You might be able to get recent data on what kind of restrictions are being handed out from the Comm2A licensing survey (email: [email protected]). Apparently Cambridge may be giving ALP on renewals now, so this might be your best bet.
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