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  1. How do we get a piston AR?

    Adam Arms kit can be purchased for 250 now. Just add the kit, I think it is a really good system. I like the DI and will continue to use them, but I also want a piston because I can. I have John from Remsport throwing one together for me now with a stainless steel barrel. Weight is not a...

    Thanks bro. Are they going to post our scores? I was accurate but slow, got to work on my speed.

    Hey Swatmedic, I was in group 2 also, Yankee Hill right? I was the {Postal Agent). Very glad to meet you and yes team 2 was a great group of guys. That was my first meet and hope to go to a few more. Hope to see you there. John
  4. What do I need to know concerning an AR-15?

    Hey brother. I would get it just because it means something to you. Outside of taking off the lug you can covert it back if (or when) you move out of CT.
  5. LEOs exempt from AWB and high cap laws?

    I would say that if you are a LEO unless you use it to terminate someone's life in whatever reason there probably will not be an issue (internal investigation). It will be assumed (and I know the law) that the firearm is "ok" with the other LEO. Just my 2 cents. Most agency's can just...
  6. Looking for someone to replace an AR15 upper for me

    If your in Western MA, John from Remsport could probably do while you wait.
  7. YHM - Yankee Hill Machine - Any Good?

    No store front, Internet sales only. I just asked them....
  8. Dissapproved???Updated final time 8/25

    I just got a letter from ATF requesting proof of licensing. I photocopied my stuff and I am going to send it out today. Is this new?
  9. Gunpal

    I am joining[smile]
  10. USPS Rocks!

    What tax payer money? USPS works mostly on the sale of stamps and their deliverys. They do get some money from the tax payer for handicap stuff. I do say they need to be reformed and it still is the best deal in town.
  11. Colt custom

    I wish you were closer too! [crying]
  12. Why all the hate for .40s&w?

    I love my 1911 45 however, I get the 40 for free. Enough said. LOL
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