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  • How's it going man? Your name just came up this morning with the guy who is putting together the Dave Harrington course. Hope you can make it. Looks like the dates of the weekend of October 23, 24, 25. Side note: Dave is great with women shooters. Obviosuly your wife probably outshoots most of us but if child-care isnt a problem (yeah right) she would probably dig it. Dave treats women like everyone else. No condescending nonsense you sometimes see.
    There may be an IDPA match in Worcester this Saturday I am thinking about checking out. Not a MetroWest Tactical event, which is the following week, but it should still be a good one if you're interested. Short notice I know.

    Word is that the NRA may be faster with the paperwork than they had been in recent months. May only be a month or so, not 9 weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Otherwise, I hope you're well.

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