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    Our materials cost alone (for good quality automotive paint) runs almost $100 per panel. A cap would take at least as much material as two panels. The cap needs to be prepped before paint (washed, dried, wax and grease remover, sanded) then it can go in the booth to be painted and baked. 475.00...
  2. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    Call me or stop by the club on a Wednesday night and we'll see if we can work something out for you.
  3. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    Test is 6 rds revolver, 6 rds semi auto at a small silhouette target at 21 ft. We are looking for safe gun handling and knowledge of the safe operation of the firearm as much as the actual score. We were seeing too many prospective new members that took the "quickie" firearms course and have...
  4. bowling pin shoot, how is it usually run?

    Most are run man on man, 8 shooters per relay, loose and your're out of that relay. 5 pins, 3 foot deep steel table, pins on the front edge. 1st man to get all 5 pins on the floor wins. We were always $3 per relay, $10.00 to the winner, $5.00 to second, remainer to pay for the pins (you can go...
  5. my club is having problems

    Apology accepted.
  6. my club is having problems

    1st of all, if you have an issue, please address it with club leadership before posting it in a public forum. 2nd there are NO holes in the celing. Occasionally holes are made in the BAFFLES which are there to prevent further damage to the steel roof which has a layer of concreter poured atop...
  7. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    Bernie Goulds in Medford. Went there with my dad when I was 10 or 11. He bought a model 37 for the princely sum of 107.00. The only gun he ever owned, carried it for work. Dads gone but that model 37 goes everywhere with me. Almost like having a part of him with me. Also Days sporting goods in...
  8. Was going to take new shooters this weekend. . .

    Since you and 3 other "range members" have already cleared your calendar for Saturday, why not head to the range and help out?
  9. Does any one have any experience at Mystic Valley Gun Club in Malden?

    There's a whole crew of us there every Wed evening from about 6 til 10 or so. Stop by for the 10 cent tour and meet some of the members.
  10. Mystic valley Gun club

    I usually get there between 6 and 7. Just ring the bell, someone will let you in.
  11. Mystic valley Gun club

    That was me that showed you around. Normally we would not bypass the normal admittance procedure as the safety aspect is tantamount. Stop by tomorrow night and I will see what I can do
  12. In Mass, don't protect your property....

    Rick Chambers is "one of us", a shooter for many years and a really good guy.
  13. Sam's gonna need some help

    Soooo Sam how you planning to break it up into melt able chunks????
  14. Best Pizza in your county?

    Verdone's Pizza Eastern Ave in Malden, a small shop with great Sicilian pizza. I highly recommend eggplant, peppers and onions! Homemade meatballs, cutlets, calzones, etc as well! Everbody that has taken my classes at MVGC agrees, they're my official lunch provider,lol.
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