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  1. Drownings Season In Full Swing

    It must have went down fast. No mayday call, no one in their survival suits.
  2. 38 days to go until snowmobile season starts!

    I always thought that snowmobile season started when we get a snow storm, but according to the thread title, if we get a foot of snow tonight, then you still have to wait until Dec. 15th?
  3. FL - Husband Shoots Himself, Wife Charged With Manslaughter

    I think she can thank herself for that conviction. I don't think the husband was around to testify that she gave him the gun.
  4. AR 15 Complete Uppers in Mass

    Would I have to pin and weld it if the rifle was kept in NH?
  5. AR 15 Complete Uppers in Mass

    Question-- If I buy that upper with a 14 1/2" barrel and I put a muzzle device on it to bring the over all length to 16", then I wouldn't need a tax stamp?
  6. In Defense of Governor Newsom

    The Ladies with experience also have the knowledge that I'm not a pervert, or, at least they know I'm not more perverted than all the other guys.
  7. In Defense of Governor Newsom

    I looked at the author's voting record. It is kind of surprising that he was elected in the State of Calf. The 4th District must have a lot of conservatives.
  8. In Defense of Governor Newsom

    So, You only date virgins'?

    You would think that with her name recognition she would be able to land another DJ job somewhere in the Boston area.
  10. WTF WAAF

    I didn't know that, and I don't know why, but for some reason I always thought that she was a lesbian.
  11. Obama: The internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy”

    I think a new Government agency would fix the problem of these unchecked conspiracy theories on the internet. Maybe they could call it the Ministry of truth. I bet we could get China to help us set it up.
  12. Beef Jerky Questions

    Check out MRE depot. Despite the name of the company, most of the products they sell is freeze dried meats in #10 cans.
  13. Another Rat Thread

    Unfortunately I have gotten a lot of experience in dealing with rats in the last couple of years at one of my rental property's. I use a galvanized steel rat trap made by "Made2catch" Amazon sells them for $18. for a box of 4. I bought a 10' green PVC pipe, 6"diameter from Lowes, and cut...
  14. Decline of America

    I'm not a psychiatrist, but sometimes I like to play one on the internet. Are your parents Boomers? If so. what kind of relationship do you have with them?
  15. Crisis!

    Purchase?-- Did you mean rental?
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