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  1. The "Call In"

    I wouldn't worry...............The BATFE never makes a mistake.
  2. Found: Affordable Gun Storage

    I had a few guns left to me by my FIL. I got a very similar locker style "safe" for about the same price from WallyWorld.. Shipped to my door.
  3. Gun belts

    I have one. GREAT to deal with. My belt gets ABUSED and is holding up well.
  4. red dot vs. holographic vs. optical

    I have a red dot, it's a chevy. I shot with my buddies Eotec, it's a caddy.
  5. Something New from Smith & Wesson

    Love S&W, own a few. What I don't like is a product that's sold on the basis of fear.
  6. What happens if you find a gun?

    EXACTLY that's the biggest red flag in the gun world. And if someone grinds them you better grind deep. Because the stamping changes the structure of the steel at the point of impact. Grind the number off, run and electromagnet through and add some fine iron particles. The # can be read. Unless...
  7. 1911 slide release question

    Thanks, I'll just try a new slide release 1st.
  8. 1911 slide release question

    I'm the 3rd owner. It may be time for an upgrade.
  9. Best aftermarket 1911 mags

    I've had good luck with the Chip Mccormick extended. Never a problem after a couple thousand or so rounds.
  10. .308 ?

    You can get Garands in .308 too. My brother has one, I would love it.
  11. 1911 slide release question

    I've noticed that the slide release on my 1911 has worked it's way out twice within the last 100 rounds. This of course causes the slide to jam. Question is, what holds it in under normal conditions? Seems that the channel cut into the inside of the slide holds the piece. There does seem to be...
  12. Ron Paul on the 2nd Amendment.

  13. signal cannons in Mass

    Only if I can try and put a 1" ball through a car.
  14. signal cannons in Mass

    You don't swab between rounds?
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