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  1. Alternitive to Paypal ?

    Never had problems with Zelle wrt no fees, easy. Funds for me turn up instantly but as others said it can vary. No need to disclose, maybe someone just wanted to send you some dough. 😉
  2. NJ needs COBOL programmers...

    Cobol -- yes, Cobol -- gets a bridge to Node.js Maybe this guy can help.😁
  3. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    Crisis has a funny way of building friendships you never thought existed.
  4. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

  5. Charlie Activates the National Gaurd

    Depends. I will pick any hot take on NES that suits my current mood and run with it.
  6. Tough times ahead

    Time is for boomers.
  7. Girl, 11, Brings AR-15 to Idaho Hearing on Gun Legislation

    Idaho is one of the best. This is the most Idahoan thing ever.
  8. Johns Hopkins Study: Licensing, mag bans mean fewer mass shooting fatalities

    Excluding states that would screw with the policy implications from your data set. BOOO! Next.
  9. Craft Beer Hater Pulls Gun on Crowd

    The light lager brigade is out of control!
  10. Globe: A few New England towns have joined the misguided Second Amendment sanctuary movement. It’s dangerous.

    *violin playing in the background as tears fall to the keyboard*
  11. 3 "shot" in Henniker NH?

  12. Lebanon NH coffee shop endorses mag ban.

    Imagine complying to the decree of a bean salesman.
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