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  1. A post Trump win scenario.....Your thoughts on post election chaos

    Careful he went to college to join forums and spread FUD.
  2. Is it too late to dump our guns?

    Is it too late to take a dump on our guns? 🤔
  3. Is it too late to dump our guns?

    All of OPs posts
  4. Need to detox from being is a dandy 12 step program

    Sorry but I am not ready for this program. I am half in the bag on my whiteness constantly.
  5. Jeff Bridges diagnosed with Lymphoma

    Make a Caucasian and pray for his recovery.
  6. 2020 Nascar Thread

    The Logano-Harvick showdown was fun to watch good race.
  7. Gun, ammo shortage. problem

    Speaking of which time to order 10 rd 30 pmags because why not?
  8. Well, there goes Maine - Get me any house in Maine!' Out-of-state buyers from New York City, Boston and DC are flooding the Maine property market...

    We get the pleasure of having NJ plates on top of Mass and NY. The market is swamped here too. Hurry up and build your fortress.
  9. Jews Finally Waking UP?

    That is changing rapidly. Reform and liberal Jews often push intermarriage thus future generations get further and further outside of the Jewish fold. However, the identity as Jewish in these circles is seen more as a political and personal identity rather than a national/ethnic/religious one...
  10. The real reason for the Civil War

    Northern whites still gonna pay those reparations if such legislation passes no matter how much we scream about being the good guys in the civil war. :)
  11. Decent place to play pool in NH

    Been there twice. Good place to drink a few , play pool, and card games.
  12. Shooting and transporting AR-15 into MA

    When I moved to NH my first question was "how can I avoid looking in the direction of that sh*thole ever again?".
  13. Charges are dropped against black man found with drugs in his car after Maine cop 'racially profiled' him saying he 'looked like a thug'

    Well as Black Lives Matter becomes the official religion of the US what else do you expect?
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