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  1. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    I almost moved to VA. two years ago went down and picked out towns, house styles, the whole 9. Did all the research to get away from the snow and into the mountains of beauty. Ended up in NH, damn job offers. I've been threatening my girl with leaving and going down still until all this...
  2. Red Flag standoff in NY

    I've had a buddy following for hours. I've been playing catch up. 2 APC's, and negotiator. Info is so scare and all comms seem to be down from the area. Most info I found is contradictory, but feds are seizing accounts that talk about this and removing social posts.
  3. Got to get a loud horn

    I've been in a truck with train horns, people still don't move. I drive a truck, people barely react to the air horn....but that time I had a police horn in a pick up, those people thought twice haha
  4. Best Electronic Hearing Protectors-Priced <$200

    With all the new options from Walker's, does anyone have any input? Debating a set but curious how they stack against the peltors
  5. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    Gave $50 via PayPal
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