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  1. Anyone been to Four Seasons lately?

    Truth. Most folks I know have never lived more than a half an hour or so from where they grew up. Everything inside the loop is so densely packed folks hardly have to spend anytime driving to get where their going(aside from work). I've got to have at least 15 supermarkets within a 20 minute...
  2. Anyone been to Four Seasons lately?

    If I couldn't get it locally and I could get it from the few I like, as stated in my original post, yes.
  3. Anyone been to Four Seasons lately?

    I've been there IIRC 3 times now and most(from my experiences) can't seem to be open for the hours listed on their doors. Some dealers say they don't care because they don't need my money, which is fine because they've got plenty of loopers that'll happily swallow the gravy for them(like they...
  4. Trump/Nugent 2024

    [laugh] I'd wear the shirt just to screw with folks, I know some that would lose their minds.
  5. On the Road....

    Can't wait for more updates.
  6. Yeah... well, i'd shoot you too.

    I say bring bag the 12 gauge bean bag round, it'd be a hell of a lot more entertaining watching a shitbag rolling around in pain after taking one to the torso. That and the fuzz would take a lot less shit wrt media than they are now and save the taxpayers a shitload in lawsuit payouts(and...
  7. Mass Veteran needs support!!

  8. Mass Veteran needs support!!

    Ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Immigration status of foreign born residents has nothing to do with it. What matters is he took a giant shit on over 9,000 residents in town thinking what he posted would be okay. To think there wouldn't be any blow back from that post is beyond idiotic. In...
  9. Mass Veteran needs support!!

    Well, if it's true he worked(even indirectly) for a school he certainly stepped on his dick with that post. If you're going to post silly shit on FB(given the amount of folks perpetually outraged), do it from a spam account. Common sense dictates that. Add the fact nearly 25% of the town is...
  10. Rookie Questions

    Figure out what you do best with in your carry piece and buy a case, meaning 1000(half summer/half winter[critical defense/duty etc.]). You'll never need to worry about it again(until you find another carry) and you'll be able to train with it to become as proficient as possible to the point of...
  11. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    It's why I always screen shot any online payment(although I've never had to use it and I'm sure the photoshop gurus could fake it if they wanted). Although I'm not sure a payment would be necessary(at least wrt outdoor ranges), the last few times I've been the entrance gate has been wide...
  12. **** you too, Franklin Armory

    Shouldn't this be in either the "While f***ing off at work poaching their wifi." or "I know my cell phone tracks and monitors everything I do but I'm still outraged." thread? [laugh]
  13. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    [rofl2] I've lost track as to who was who as well.
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