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  1. Armslist mandatory upgrade.

    Yeah back in like 1911 maybe you'd be a "Peddler" " a canvasser, chapman, cheapjack, hawker, higler, huckster, monger, colporteur or solicitor, is a traveling vendor of goods. "
  2. Okay IT brains, here's one for you.

    I've seen TCP/IP break in weird ways before. I think the only way to reset TCP/IP is to delete your network adapters from Device Manager and reboot, that should refresh the protocol. Worth a shot anyway. -chris
  3. Why is the .40 caliber losing popularity?

    I haven't read all the replies, but IMO .40 was a solution in search of a problem. Really no need for that round
  4. 9 mm available on TSU, at least for a few minutes

    ...... and it's gone!
  5. Name This- Wrong answers only

    Iron Man
  6. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    +1 for Pepe's
  7. Creating a new email account

    Just set up a new Gmail acct? Fast, easy, integrates well with andriod phones. can back your photo's up automatically from your phone making photo sharing quick and easy. Yeah, you get your data mined and you'll get targeted advertising, but... unless your a tinfoil hatter, it's a decent...
  8. My daughter wants to carry pepper spray

    One thing I did with my daughter was to pick up an extra pepper spray can, put target up in our backyard, and have her 'attack' it with the spray can. It gave her an idea of how much spray is actually in the can and what the blow-back does to the person spraying the can. We did this with...
  9. ..

    The answer on NES is usually keys, upper-decker, bang.
  10. Insurance agent recommendation (car/home)

    IMO, you're better off with a broker who will shop rates for you at all the insurance companies. I've had good luck with Fred C. Church. You may have a broker local to you in town if you want to keep your dollars in/around the town you live in. -chris
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