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  1. Katz Deli NYC

    Thanks to this thread I started getting cravings for good pastrami, so... I made some myself! Quite the process, I started with a 9.5lb brisket, trimmed a lot of the fat off, cured it for 7 days in a curing solution, desalinated it for 24 hours after the 7 day cure, then finally seasoned and...
  2. Cherry-Popping-Time, Atlantis does a rant....

    I have nothing of substance to add to this other than if the OP keeps teasing the town he's in this could turn into a wallet happiness thread.
  3. Surefire flashlights

    MGnoob, can you give us your employee discount? :)
  4. What are the MA folding knife blade length limits for EDC?

    If I get jacked up on a knife charge I can guarantee it'll be an 'add-on' to whatever caused me to be in trouble and not the primary reason for it. Therefore I carry the knife I want and don't really worry about it. -chris
  5. A woman just graduated the US Army’s sniper school for the first time ever

    "Maj. Gen. J. Peter Hronek, the Adjutant General of Montana, said in the release that the soldier “had to volunteer several times to reach this goal, which is a demonstration of her dedication and commitment to service.” " So... not a first (or 2nd) attempt pass in sniper school? How many...
  6. Ruger Precision .22lr

    My daughter's RPR .22 we really like it: -chris
  7. Deals and steals

    not looking good:
  8. It felt like a meteor had struck the earth’: Reporter describes his experience firing an AR-15 at the range

    My daughter when she was 12 after firing the AR for the first time:
  9. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    There are no chicks with dicks, only guys with tits. View:
  10. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    I am also a 'Christopher B', so please don't dump me in the same slag heap this guy is in. lol, us Chris B's aren't all bad!
  11. Transfer

    Obligatory: "What guns?"
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