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  1. Can someone time me what this is on a shell?

    From Glock Talk: "Crimped military brass, WCC, might be wrong, but always thought it was Winchester Cart Company The line is where the bullet base comes to when loaded and this was "crimped in" to prevent push back. You can buy a crimp tool to do this at home when reloading Re size and remove...
  2. Can someone time me what this is on a shell?

    I think 'R P' is Remington Peters. -chris
  3. Social Security recipients not eligible for Corona Virus Stimulus payments?

    been that way since we got off the gold standard.
  4. Social Security recipients not eligible for Corona Virus Stimulus payments?

    Taxation is theft, "giving" us back our paid in tax money isn't a gov't handout. In fact, I think the more you make the more you should get back since you paid more into the system.
  5. Buying Stocks Online

    I'm currently using Fidelity, $0 commission on trades and easy to link to your checking account for transfers back and forth. They also have a Visa that offers unlimited 2% cash back that's deposited directly into your brokerage account.
  6. Tiny Laptop

    No comment on the computer thing, but... if you travel more than 1x a year on a plane, get TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, just do it. No shoes off, no computers to pull out, no belt removal, almost like you're not a criminal!
  7. Gun storage

    Why not buy a gun safe, have it installed in a friends house, store your guns, then after taking the firearms back, give your friend the combination? Win win and probably cheaper than bonded storage?
  8. Congressman: ‘If you wanna take everyone’s AR-15 in America why don’t you swing by my office…?’

    Duh, fully semi-automatic ghost guns with 30 caliber clips don't need *sights*
  9. Oil suggestions for my Triumph T-Bird m'cycle

    Most people change their oil in their bikes annually and most people ride less than 3K miles annually from what I can tell. That said, you can probably use even green oil at the manufacturers stated viscosity and be fine. Personally, I change my oil just before riding season every year and I...
  10. Concealed Carry Fashion Show March 7!

    I brought my daughter to this last year and we had a blast. Going again this year, but my wife wants to check it out and my daughter is bringing a friend, so we're up to 4! See you there! -chris
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  12. A question on transfers

    +1, the list rules over all.
  13. Is there a special LTC process if you live on base?

    Dunno man, seems like a can of worms there, from Wiki: "Hanscom Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located predominantly within Bedford, Massachusetts, with portions extending into the adjoining towns of Lincoln, Concord and Lexington. " Does she have a Mass driver's license...
  14. Sad News about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    Not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight knowing that. (LOL)
  15. Limu Emu and Doug

    No issues with profit and it sounds like you have a better grasp on the insurance industry than I do. My take is that requiring insurance has inflated the price of everything it touches, auto, home, medical, dental, etc. Buying insurance is like throwing money in a fire, if I had every...
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