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  1. Wasr 10 missing chuck of metal

    They said it should be inspected by a gunsmith and possibly change the trunion. Very different that should be replaced.
  2. Help identifying old knife

    I'm thinking it's actually the #3 paratrooper due to the loop. https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-wwii-airborne-schrade-presto-m2-no-3-paratrooper-knife-with-painted-metal-handle?variant=29376276660293
  3. Help identifying old knife

    Hey all, Out cleaning out the garage today and ran across of a bunch of my old stuff from when I was in the military. In all the goodies I found an old Scharade knife I haven't seen on 30+ years! It is an auomatic, 7-8" long. 100% metal, even the handle. Works perfectly! One side of the blade...
  4. “Unregister” Antique rifle

    Can you do it at an FFL? Let the seller transfer to them then you buy as an antique from them?
  5. The wrong house from which to lift a package

    Love how this punks driver just leaves him there!
  6. UMass Memorial question

    The University hospital is state owned property, same as the school. It is the only UMMHC property that falls under the state/school.
  7. WINNER CHOSEN! Membership karma

    Anyone that wants in just say it. [rofl]
  8. Deals and steals

    Great deal! Just ordeed one. Thanks!
  9. gunsmith to cut a barrel

    Gartman Arms on rt1. They've done quite a bit of work for me, never an issie.
  10. Daughter wants to buy bolt action for her soon to be husband

    Sure can't go wrong with a Remi 700 in 300 win-mag. That's my "go to". Should cover him for all game.
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