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  1. How long does LTC renewal take ?

    Normally my town is about 3 weeks, my last (June) was 7 weeks. My daughter just got her first timer, same town, took 12 weeks.
  2. Is there a reporting procedure for a buyer who doesn't complete his side and doesn't pay?

    So........ not only are you from Alaska, but you only accept payments that offer no type of buyer protection! "Payment options include personal check, cashiers check, USPS MO, or paypal friends and family ONLY with NO notes (they are rabidly anti-freedom)."
  3. Bikers. Where and how do you carry?

    Shoulder holster under my jacket/vest.
  4. TSA probes Clear after it let through a passenger carrying ammo

    True that TSA still does the screenings but Clear still screwed up. "The passenger was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration and later found to also be traveling under a false identity, according to the report, which suggests the private security company flubbed its screening...
  5. Karma

  6. Pig Transport Box

    Have you seen this one? View:
  7. C&R transfer question

    Yes, MA doesn't recognize nor care about a C&R.
  8. Massachusetts woman sentenced for dealing firearms

    "selling multiple firearms to prohibited people". Why not good? She f'd herself.
  9. Tri-corner hat.

    Village hat shop, tricorn hats at Village Hat Shop
  10. Selling a gun....

    With the recent (6 months ago) introduction of quality OTC FDA regulated hearing aids the market is begining to reflect that in it's pricing and vendor selection. What used to cost 5k+ can now be had for a fraction of that. There are of course the commercial hearing aid chain stores who haven't...
  11. Dang, she asked THAT question!

    My answer when it happened. "Not sure, few k at least. But no worries, it'll be enough to send you on a nice vacation when I pass." Never asked again. Little does she know, it'll be a whole new retriement fund for her! LOL!
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