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  1. Static electricity

    Ground strap, but only works if you ground yourself too with a wrist strap. Anti-static floor mat (if your area is carpeted). Adding some humidity in the area also significantly helps.
  2. Am I too dumb for a Tremor 3 Reticle? I think I'm too dumb.....

    Not even seeing a Tremor reticale as available for it. MIL-R, MOAR or MOAR-T.
  3. Snap ring plier for Dillon?

    I don't have a Dillon, but I do use these pliers. Very narrow and long reach. View...
  4. Practical Precision Rimfire rife match at Hopkinton October 23

    What time? Doesn't show as an event on the website above. May come by as a spectator.
  5. Favorite Military "sayings"

    Embrace the suck!
  6. Quality auto’s in NH?

    Take a ride to Kittery Trading Post, they have a decent selection.
  7. Best Shops To Compare Red Dot Optics In Person (Aimpoint/Holosun/Etc)?

    I've been heavily leaning towards the Bravo 5 myself. One of the benefits is that it's a prisim site, the reticle is etched in to the glass so even in the event of a battery failure you still have your sights.
  8. Torque specs picatinny rail to receiver

    Well, to necro post on my own post... LOL! I did go 20inch#'s. 100's of rounds later still holding up!
  9. Range near Milford, MA?

    I'm near the high school, HSA is less than 15 minutes from the house.
  10. Range near Milford, MA?

    I'm in Milford as well. Member of Hopkinton Sportsman Association as well as Nipmuk Rod & Gun. Both have their purposes for me. Would recomend either.
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