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  1. WTB Ruger 10/22 Farmer Talo

    On the hunt still!
  2. WTB Ruger 10/22 Farmer Talo

    Still looking!
  3. WTB Ruger 10/22 Farmer Talo

    Looking for the Ruger 10/22 Talo Farmer Edition. As long as the stock is in original condition, it can be used. If you only want to sell the stock, I have a replacement 10/22 stock I can add to the deal.
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  5. Rifleman with an M&P 15?

    I was the one de-linking 308, haha at the Mansfield Shoot. Glad I didnt fire up the 308 tho, couldnt get my NPOA down enough!
  6. Anyone else notice the flags on 495?

    Nope, cant say that I would have ever seen that coming. Well, we had advanced warning, we saw the campaigning before hand....
  7. Anyone else notice the flags on 495?

    Dont worry I was making my comment in jest! I agree with the no NWO, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." Not a Tin-Hatter, but agree with the message. I dont forsee a 1 world government system, with 1 currency and 1 army...
  8. Anyone else notice the flags on 495?

    Glad someone else noticed this, I was trying to figure out what they said, anyone from here put them up? "No NWO" No - New World Order? wasnt that a wrestling slogan a few years back...?
  9. Where do I shoot now?

    I was driving home the other day and caught a piece of metal in my tire, I think I am going to have the Construction company I have to pass on my way shut down, Clearly the small undistinguishable piece of metal had to be theirs.
  10. Where do I shoot now?

    Ames Rifle and Pistol After looking at that map and using the most left Ballistic calculator I figured out how EXACTLY that happened, see attached. Ames is a great range, Heated/Enclosed 300 yd line, covered 100 yd line, covered reactive Pistol range, and 24 HR indoor range, and Flushing...
  11. What sling to use?

    Anyone ever try the Safari Ching Sling for an Appleseed? I was going to create a new thread, but it seems to work in here. I also come with the understanding that it looks like the USGI Slings and the Safari Ching Sling accomplish the same goal and 1/6th the price, or so I think.
  12. Water Storage in used wine bottles

    Thats just funny, I dont car who you are.
  13. Changing a tire...

    I just had a flat 2 nights ago, I was fortunate for 2 things, 1 it wasnt that cold, and 2 I had a friend to help me with my predicament. Recently I had 4 new tires and RIMS put on my car. Because the tire shop that I had them balanced at decided the lugnuts I had were wrong they replaced them...
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