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  1. Shooting Reported In Malden.

    Those of you making jokes about this make me sick to my stomach. Shawn is my cousin, and lived every single day of his life trying to educate people, especially the young kids who looked up to him, about the things going on in the world around them, and this is how he is treated here? A man...
  2. does anyone own one of these?

    There was MUCH sarcasm that was missed. :-)
  3. does anyone own one of these?

    I could see myself reworking that thing with an electric motor, and seeing what it can really do............. ;-)
  4. Question About .27 Caliber Concrete Nailer

    A friend of mine, who works for a home remodeling business based out of Salem, NH, just sent me a text message pertaining to the legality of having a .27 caliber contrete nailer in his truck when he goes into MA for jobs. He was told today by an electrician that he needed to have a license to...
  5. Second Amendment Arms - Windham, NH

    I really wish I could add something informative to this, but I am not at liberty to disclose any information about this. Rest assured, the store will be back open as soon as possible, and continue to provide customers, both new and existing, with the best service humanly possible.
  6. Storing rounds in new mags OK?

    If they're PMags, fill them up to 30, snap the dust cover on, and be done with it. No need to worry about unloading a few rounds with the dust cover in place, it also serves the purpose of keeping stress off the feed lips of a pmag.
  7. Hughes Amendment to FOPA

    Uh, wrong. Read it again, and you'll clearly see that Boxer and Hughes are listed under the Ayes. If this is a clerical error, and the vote should have been recorded as 298-124 against the amendment, then it would show Hughes voting No, which wouldn't make sense. Of course, the fact that...
  8. Pelican for Patriots

    Thank you for providing this information. I just posted the link on to my facebook page!
  9. TX - Police Seize "Cache Of Assault Weapons Presumed To Be Headed For Mexico"

    My B.S. Flag is at full alert on this one. Something else is definitely going on here.........
  10. State #7 tells the Feds to keep their hands to themselves.

    NH's version of the law is different from the others. HB 1285 departs from the Montana model in that it sets criminal penalties for any person attempting to enforce federal criminal laws against the maker of a New Hampshire-made and retained firearm.
  11. What can you tell me about Sandown NH???

    Yup, the City Data forums definitely offer a great wealth of information when it comes to particular towns in the state.
  12. Lost GREEN status, won't be renewing.

    Haha, wasn't really thinking when I wrote that. And I love this place, too. I certainly wasn't expecting someone to pay for my membership renewal, that was the last thing I wanted, my post was more of an encouragement to those who were on the fence about joining. The generosity and hearts of...
  13. Lost GREEN status, won't be renewing.

    If that's the case, I certainly can't even begin to say Thank You enough! If someone did take care of me, if there is something I can offer as a thank you, please let me know.
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