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  • Did you lost my address and or number? I have not heard from you. Have you send me back my payment yet?
    I sent you $156 dollars over a month ago for the parts you were selling and the shipping. I have not heard from you since you said you received the money. I have to say I am a little disappointed, I would like to know if you were planning on sending me the items or returning my money. Please respond to me, I have sent you IM’s but now your box is full, e-mails and my cell number.
    I don't suppose you would have them shipped to mass would you? I would keep them as a pair. Let me know, if not no big deal just curious.

    HaHa!!! I just wanted to tell you that your avatar of the socialist is the best thing that i have seen in a while .... i saw it and nearly spit out my coffee .. well done my friend .. Lets keep our heads up and muzzles forward!! fighting our way back to capitalism..
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